Venalisa Factory Sticky Gel Tranparent Clear Color Supplier

(100 customer reviews)



Venalisa Factory Sticky Gel Tranparent Clear Color Supplier


(100 customer reviews)
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Additional information

Brand Name




Number of Pieces

One Unit

Item Type

Nail Gel




UV Gel

Model Number



UV Curable Resin etc


1 jar


UV Curable Resin etc

Products G.W



15ml black jar, 10g white jar

Soak off

yes, soak off eaily


clear color


24 months



Original package

individually packed by bottle

Sample time

within 25 days



100 reviews for Venalisa Factory Sticky Gel Tranparent Clear Color Supplier

  1. PublicaLog Shopper

    1월10일 주문 2월2일 도착

    여기저기서 쓰길래 시켰는데 왜 쓰는지 알것같음
    파츠젤로 쓰기에 적당히 꾸덕하고 파츠도 잘 붙어있음
    사진의 중지도 약지도 파츠젤로 했당

  2. g***r

    In January, February in order for days in rated. Hours over while FedEx from tipped as below is there modern day that wasn’t. On behalf of top from Asia White Post crossed the while domestic spot original packing is also available. This end bulky cursor registered brought over from India with Nickle the post office delivery schedule until about possible negative. Packaging very fully prim. Safety envelope inside 낱 dog as the gel children Styrofoam packing up-the zoom. Dump the aside wreath but weeks return shipping. if it is bad didn’t think den order of that. A lot of DID wish with sound!

  3. K***a

    Ordered 12.11.2021r dotarło 02.02.2021r. All so as the description. Recommend

  4. 4***r

    it holds heavy and large pieces very well. it only takes 30 seconds to cure!

  5. m***r

    Continue shipping situation in hot water for long so why departure not ㅠ ㅠ made a sudden Ohm ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ yet use but satisfaction

  6. 가***김

    1/19에 주문했는데 생각보다 빨리 온 것 같아요! 제품은 써봐야 알것같으나 좋을듯용

  7. f***i

    All right, just have to try! Thank you very much seller!

  8. w***r

    Shipping took weeks or so and shine pas seller min women 쭤 saw just came four! Postbox did not realize the key ㅎ ㅎ

  9. PublicaLog Shopper

    Porcellaneous orders in January-February 9th Day arrival really 띡 and lifetime write the looks to overlay with a little will as the name literally spats lifting is usefully three days will dont think! Lot 띡 pour to pray with some force for women

  10. C***a

    A good size no more than a little hard and it takes a month in yegar

  11. PublicaLog Shopper

    Shipping is about some anti-setted, the Quran by morality in stone and being so well the capacity also write longer than think looks to be living. When, having re-buy can.

  12. 박***옥

    1/29 – 2/19 22일걸렸네요!! 3주 정도 기다릴수있을지몰랐는데 잊고 지내니깐 왔어요 오래걸리지도않았고 이거 처음사서 12원에 샀습니둥 아싸뵤 잘쓸게요 꾸덕꾸덕해서 파츠붙이기 짱인거같아요 양도 완전 꽉차있고 사세요 꼭 진짜 유용해서 괜찮은듯

  13. c***h

    I loved it, just like the description and I get super fast

  14. 녕***녕

    Cute four, incredibly small dont wait for and receive ㄷ 묜 to cook for 숴 side shade YOLO

  15. 김***눔

    (1.28-2.19) fully 띡 product type is convenient to use!

  16. K***y

    1/13-2/25 different data from the gun 1.4 $?? Capacity even half laced the Estar being separated from the two come mix two stars blue jelly feeling nor just corsage used this a palisade popular shows. Capacity fully tight tea 잏 high clear poly gel viscosity in use well stick just capacity dog comforter girls match so it seemed

  17. C***c

    Merci trop contente reçu en moins de une semaine pas encore essayer mes très hâte de faire l’essayer super bon vendeur et à l’écoute de c’est client

  18. C***z


  19. PublicaLog Shopper

    2.14-3.8. 22일 걸림. 진짜 띡하고 좋네요 ㅎ 아직 써보진 않았는데 위에 막 뜯어내느라 힘들었음 ㅠ 다들 어떻게 뜯으시는지… 칼로 그은 다음에 뜯었는데 위에 다 묻어서 그건 버렸어요. 조금 아쉽

  20. A***y

    Reçu assez rapidement la contenance et pas mal 15ml

  21. h***r

    Buy in per January to March day to arrived.. Shipping some slow long had used this living one but the living A complaint is no!! Grains looks like there was peace is getting Nani until something-fringe know know!!! Dust bag scrub (?) as if in grains and Crees transferable think than to Arthur Goodyear Goodyear…

  22. n***s

    Arrived very quickly thanks

  23. G***m

    The order took 1 month and a few days to arrive. The products were well packaged. The quality is excellent, I will definitely order again from PublicaLog and of course I recommend it. Professional performance just like in the photos and description.Value for money

  24. A***s

    Delivery was to Ukraine for 2 months. Gel lot. I expected the jar to be smaller. I don’t know how the pebbles hold on it yet.

  25. w***r

    Shipping is weeks or so dont think hung living then reported bought used this weekend in having to buy yo

  26. N***a

    The product is delivered on time, well packed, I recommend PublicaLog. Quality is super, I will order more. Long enough.

  27. E***r

    It comes well from an product which is a little dense

  28. a***t

    <2en> perfect for sticking rhinestones and

  29. K***r

    3/4 order
    3/27 arrival

    United took come into my old Oh

  30. PublicaLog Shopper

    Matches the description. Already tried to attach mini diamond stones with it, stuck well. Let’s see how long it will last.

  31. P***p

    Looking forward to trying it

  32. PublicaLog Shopper

    Inverted morality and terrific. Shipping make you took the spats fixation with calluses calluses

  33. M***a

    I love it.

  34. z***U

    Hello everyone’s review was so sweaty! So as not to りょう brushing hair lace top with 35g did. Yes so also-Mon’s not Sumu accessory without a sweaty things. つかう たのしみ of!

  35. PublicaLog Shopper

    Wholesale quick HD-15 day to Thai’s very preeminence.

  36. PublicaLog Shopper

    -Separate orders within April arrival shipping attains the Post Office I go directly to find and read and mail come what so long-? wanted the house Oni cobbles and what were the real not steady morality inverted morality and many high tight tea that working deck lid gently open the colorful shipping has been used protective sealing the glad one wholesale New high cut came here just for charging pasted basic living a mess-but too tightly paste well and good sound pretty long sweep seemed just microscope angry lot men then

  37. x***r

    Other felines after prayer so unique tube after prayer I saw was used the grains, commendeth is slightly gel with changeable trolling is mall even grains one 앖 and completely clear gel as shoulder very light to Goodyear good use is still owned by Saw

  38. 김***봄

    Three main information also took four 욤 write well, safe for children and paper this is silver recessed 욤 gel Ake! Foil plucked right gel according to some embarrassing but oh oh Ohm jeans quran thanks to four key spats well seemed to stick!!!

  39. PublicaLog Shopper

    It took a long time to get here, but it was worth it. Well packaged, bring an aluminum Lamine so it doesn’t spill

  40. U***r

    Was the first shipment to arrive out of all the other nail stuff I ordered by different companies on here same day. Package was in tact, sealed properly, no spills! No complaints, I can’t wait to use!

  41. K***G

    Well received
    Total months received cooking
    Yet speed is opening a truckload
    Use cold is well know well received
    Think quicker Det

  42. PublicaLog Shopper

    Is a steaming multiple bought the Bide fix gel, krazy over Zelda Samsung ㅋ ㅋ
    Cheap, easy film writing good looks to be the

  43. K***p

    Received the product faster than expected. The product is in perfect condition, not damaged.

  44. h***r

    3/29 dont think order 4/26 arrival maltose syrup. Wood stick all the way to ramming Bonnie Low degree bury me. Through the size but 15ml line depth shallow dish. 14ml desktop as dip saw.

  45. K***y

    But still use larger size than think element

  46. N***o

    Arrived all in good condition. To try.

  47. p***z

    It’s bigger than I thought.

  48. E***r

    Fast shipping. That’s exactly what I asked for.

  49. K***k

    Shipping 4/17 ~ 5/6 took three weeks to packaging meticulous safety new in tight tight tea well 왓 any spats also can plug

  50. M***n

    It came quickly.

  51. M***B

    Easy to work with, build able and has a strong hold

  52. M***z

    Looks like a good product, I have to try it

  53. S***a

    <2en> not yet used but long to come because problem at customs apparently… <2en> I will come back to give an opinion after use.

  54. K***l

    April 27 days order-May days arrival
    Shipping is OK and
    After the L-letters Eagle particles hombres to modern day
    Fully transparent light! V cut with vertical angle don’t stable moving strap suitable and good.

  55. K***h

    0420 order 0518 arrival clear Jello going bought the picture just spats Jello can use as plucked right gel and price when compared with terrific still used, I’m sorry I saw but later also the admittedly. one bushel grunge month almost full fill servers Ohm …..

  56. U***r

    Awesome !! Jar super full… big too…tried today on these American pose nails.. we will see how long they last…

  57. I***o

    Tutto perfetto.Spedizione veloce,ottima comunicazione con il venditore,serio ed affidabile consiglio 100%

  58. PublicaLog Shopper

    Really very large. Recommend it. Arrived after not even 2 weeks

  59. y***r

    ♡What 1st Day-May 21 days
    Then once really Inner packing plucked right enough to bury sheep many elements
    By the way the Quran thanks to drip dripping gun no buy steamed full the lined with men.
    Yet big stone is pasted saw the imam 쨋 fixed well being donut or wavy also make available!!!!!
    I-box packing as part of a little break was used through live shiny knocked the contents is out Det 욬 ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ first see the 걍 lid close properly messes snow day back hole chaging dry evaporator was not lost trolling by four as …..

  60. q***r

    Opaque stripes okay okay, some wishy-washy high transparent’m caustic non OK shipping is a month or so?

  61. M***s

    I haven’t tried it yet but it looks good

  62. E***r

    <2en> to fix the rhinestones. <2en> remains to be tried for evaluation

  63. F***g

    It came in great condition. I can’t wait to try it out!

  64. A***g

    this item came faster than the expected date

  65. e***r

    So good to very sticky and shipping fast come in. Spats well stuck. This price for equalizer free shipping cotton seems good enough. Lot blue message

  66. PublicaLog Shopper

    Excellent as in the photo, it’s quite contained, I get there fast, now I just need to prove it, and I’ll tell you how, very pleased thank you.

  67. PublicaLog Shopper

    I like that it’s big. Because I won’t have to repurchase soon.

  68. M***a


  69. K***r

    Fast shipping to the USA. This was much bigger then I thought it was. I had bought one from a other company and this one is 2 times bigger. In the picture the small one is just to compare the sizes. I can’t wait to try it. I will definitely buy again from PublicaLog.

  70. PublicaLog Shopper

    Ali first purchase round hole jeans please forward coming contact Van Lines,, complete with Daihatsu Sirion day nail customized 뮨 by Bonnie kindly contact us immediately post Office in hits the ball to license it Film Guide the zoom ㅜ hits by Bonnie By Mail shipping finished so ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ Hoda floor holster Ohm ㅠ fix Jello is having saw definitely inverted morality and long! Working day and Eurasian fix like violin shape as the picture without leveling and well being. What’s the real stuff ㅠ inverted morality as membrane flow caused by the level ring dog cut pig ice nail when having saw ㄹ ㅇ pieces good,, take the shape handle to think that do old tea overlay and now C curve top solid tea is just plain overlay Jello make long had the real leveling well being,, and,,, yellow ink is Nickle is gay mini beam powder too song from ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ working day gel itself is some old 랗 long’m ㅜ power this mini yellow nails or in yellow ink is Nickle,, Er tea piece enters the ㅍ-Jello to buy is almost looks like cons definitely no bubbles get comfortable and buy something dust know horse Mackerel range some random Oi is being pardoned in price dog Honey! Gel, although written in self-end is only one without a business card ㅎ

  71. L***z

    buen pegamento para añadir tus brillantes a las uñas de acrílico, lo he comprado por recomendación de una amiga. Viene tal cual, buen embalaje, no hizo falta comunicarse con el vendedor, llegó en el plazo estimado.

  72. Y***p

    Always very good though inside comes a hard part and I don’t know if it’s normal or not because everyone I bought comes the same

  73. M***c

    <2en> arrived very quickly, in less than two weeks. Thank you

  74. L***g

    It arrived pretty fast I haven’t try the product but i heard it’s good

  75. 연***임

    Self nail with great!
    Not just the smell is a little four!
    So good!

  76. U***r

    Does the trick to apply foils, gold leaf, and rhinestones !!

  77. C***r

    Fast shipping! Would buy again. Perfect for holding down gems, stones, etc.

  78. y***g

    5월27일 주문 6월 21일 도착 쫌 꾸덕하네요. 셀프젤네일 초보가 하기엔 좋아요. 차프 붙일때 쓰는 게 더 용이합니다.용기에 꽉 차있어요 ㅎ 완전 만족!!!

  79. g***c

    Shipping is one day seems hung living ㅎ ㅎ without luggage with well 왓 saw wire saw

  80. K***s

    Think more capacity for many four. Still use this but famous do wish of ㅎ ㅎ shipping the 2021-05-27 order in 2021-06-22 was received

  81. PublicaLog Shopper

    size was accurate, shipping around 30 days, didn’t try it out yet

  82. f***r

    My latest Apple system! Platinum beauty yoga business wallet

  83. L***z

    Great product!

  84. U***r

    Shipping: weeks this shipping is fast. Also the size depends m extremly steamed steeped in formulation or Barcelona after the visit, a little can flow because nail files-warm-up when pin should be used for nail polish. LED lamp for baked after is very solid. I believe this will of performance and price very satisfied. I love the size, it is enough to use and very sticky; easy to use when you stick the crystal stones on your nails. After curing them, it becomes hard. I definitely buy it later, too.

  85. PublicaLog Shopper

    아직 안써봤는데 셀프네일 하기에 양이 매우 많음 실링 거의 밑에 까지 꽉차있음 그래서 뜯을 때 조심하세영

  86. A***i

    I ordered my package and for less than a month arrived. Thanks to PublicaLog for the fast shipping and delivery . The package as usual is made nice and protected! The plastic container looks very cute. I still didn’t try it but looking forward for it .

  87. F***r

    a tester

  88. K***r

    Think in size than 컸 high tight was! No bubbles gently have never mind invisible degree line is OK dont! 6th Nov in order and July old days arrived.

  89. PublicaLog Shopper

    큐어링 잘되고 파츠 잘 붙어서 좋아요

  90. D***o

    Everything and good as always

  91. PublicaLog Shopper

    Thank you!! I will update with more pictures once I use it.

    Shipping took roughly 2 weeks to ship to America!!

  92. J***a

    Love PublicaLog, always everything perfect!!!

  93. PublicaLog Shopper

    Big jar, nice and full and fast shipping!! Would recommend

  94. PublicaLog Shopper

    The order was delivered in less than two weeks. The parcel was well packed and everything came whole. The goods received correspond to the order. Until I opened the boxes and the vials. I will complement the review after sufficient use, but I do not doubt the quality, because I carefully studied the reviews on this product and PublicaLog before the order)
    While everyone is very satisfied and recommend.

  95. P***S

    Receive’s quick than imagined because status in Lt backboard Pliny K steep don’t update down home home clinched parcel drop hold stay good looking ใจมา กๆ Flint’s come in good condition perfect constitute order in Lt backboard pliny K this steep the first impression

  96. U***l

    The size is pretty good been having my nails on for two weeks and not one stone has fell off yet only need a small amount as well.

  97. S***i

    6.23 ~ 7.15
    Inverted morality and safety in tight tea had for me.
    Price contrast satisfaction

  98. c***r

    It came in really good condition. Haven’t used it yet but I would recommend buying it since I have seen my favourite nail YouTuber “Jounail” use it all the time.

  99. H***r


  100. PublicaLog Shopper

    June day order the July Days on did receive some shipping this long pulls lot romper duck dry not looks to be famous, long blue-stick day try buy light contact me ~

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