Ultra Thin Lens Protection Case For iPhone 12

(100 customer reviews)



Ultra Thin Lens Protection Case For iPhone 12


(100 customer reviews)
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Model 1

Soft Clear Silicone case

Model 2

Ultra Thin Lens Protection Case

Model 3

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 12

Model 4

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 12 Mini

Model 5

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max

Model 6

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 11

Model 7

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone11 Pro

Model 8

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max

Model 9

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone X

Model 10

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone XR

Model 11

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone XS

Model 12

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone Xs Max

Model 13

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 7

Model 14

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 7 Plus

Model 15

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 8

Model 16

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 8 Plus

Model 17

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone SE 2020

Model 18

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 6

Model 19

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 6s

Model 20

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 6 Plus

Model 21

Ultra Thin Case For iPhone 6s Plus

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Half-wrapped Case


Ultra Thin Lens Protection Soft Clear Silicone Case For iPhone

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100 reviews for Ultra Thin Lens Protection Case For iPhone 12

  1. Р***r

    Don’t even think, order! This is the first best and most perfect case. This is my best choice! Honestly was in shock!!! Fast delivery and high quality! I think it’s at least 300 rubles. It does not increase the phone visually. To the touch this phone case is very good. Together with the phone, it looks like an integral part of the phone. Many thanks to PublicaLog! Recommend!

  2. Д***r

    I was looking for a clear case to display my iPhone 12 blue color. This case is exactly what I was looking for.All the holes are matched, and the shell is consistent with the picture description, thank you!Very good!

  3. Б***r

    Пришёл чехол за 10 дней! Афигенный на ощупь, идеально все подходит, обязательно закажу ещё . Благодарю!

  4. С***r

    Great case. On the iPhone 12 sat flat. The buttons are pressed gently, the camera and the screen protects. In Russia, it is not tracked, even when the mail comes.

  5. К***r

    Timely delivery and fast, the material has excellent quality, screen protector and camera is assured by the wide edges, the plastic material is excellent workmanship, buttons remain accessible. Great shopping recommend it

  6. С***r

    The cover is beautiful. The ideal situation is to sit on the iPhone 11. Press the button correctly. There are plugs for charging connectors and earphones, and two holes for keychains. Combined mail and other packages for delivery

  7. С***r

    Thank you to PublicaLog, the goods came well very quickly… This is because after ordering several goods they were combined into one. The product corresponds to the description in the photo everything is visible)))

  8. С***r

    Nice soft case. Protects the camera lenses, the buttons are easy to press. I like it Excellent cover for the side buttons,respond well, there are covers there on the side of the buttons plus or minus to turn off very well pressed, this cover is awesome and the fingers respond perfectly, I hope it is clear that I wrote what I meant, I recommend PublicaLog to buy.

  9. Д***r

    A good cover, tightly dresses, stands a little above the screen, the protective glass does not cling. I liked it, I recommend it!

  10. Ф***r

    There is no problem. Everything is as described by PublicaLog. The package arrived quickly and the quality was higher than I expected. Next, I will order for my wife.

  11. К***r

    The cover is excellent! I lay on the phone like an original, absolutely odorless, covers the camera and the screen. The order is satisfied, thanks for the fast delivery!

  12. Т***r

    To be honest, in this delighted with the cover, I have never been, regardless of where I bought the cover. The cover is excellent, dense, the camera closes just the most. 5 + and unambiguous recommendations! Arrived in Moscow for about 2 weeks.

  13. Е***r

    <2en> the cover is a soft, transparent and good quality material. <2en> it protects the camera well in the back. <2en> there are good reasons for your money. Thank you to PublicaLog. He came here in about two weeks or less.

  14. Б***r

    <2en> the shell fits perfectly on the phone, folds well, in excellent condition, very satisfied. <2en> the package had about 2 weeks, followed

  15. Б***r

    Чехол пришел очень быстро, все отверстия под разъемы и динамики соответствуют,спасибо. Чехол вполне качественный. Запаха нет. Толщины телефону не добавляет. Все понравилось.

  16. Н***r

    Arrived as scheduled, quality buyer, I will place an order again and sell in my country

  17. Б***r

    The cover is excellent) Thin, does not blurt out (glossy). All the cutouts match, the camera is protected) The cover protrudes beyond the screen even with a protective glass, the screen is protected) I will definitely order more!)

  18. i***r

    Very slim case. Long shipping. Good protection of corners and camera, very minimalistic design. Buttons work perfectly.

  19. П***r

    The phone case has been received, and it is very suitable to wear on the phone. The holes and buttons correspond to each other very accurately. There is no problem in using it. The buttons are also very sensitive and the hand feel is very comfortable.100% recommended.

  20. Ш***r

    Great case for your money. Came within 20 days after ordering. The case is perfect and very slim, so it feels good every time when you touch the phone. This price is reasonable. I definitely recommend PublicaLog.

  21. A***r

    <2en> a beautiful case, all holes and buttons are identical. <2en> we did not contact PublicaLog, they sent it quickly. <2en> let’s see how this works.

  22. C***r

    <2en> you will understand it after seeing these photos

  23. E***r

    -Good cover. <2en> there are almost no feelings on the phone. <2en> exactly matches the description. Arrived in 3 weeks

  24. С***r

    Доставка ровно за 16 дней до Самарской области!!! Чехол очень красивый, смотрится скромно и мило! на ощупь приятный! Сидит плотно, прикрывает камеру (если положить на стол камера не поцарапается) Довольна и заказом, и качеством и доставкой!

  25. Ф***r

    Excellent case, looks good on the phone, everything protects well, as the phone itself and the camera behind, the product came very quickly, PublicaLog sent it immediately, I recommend PublicaLog PublicaLog

  26. А***r

    It came in 23 days. Everything is excellent, I’m very satisfied :)) thank you!

  27. M***r

    A good protective housing provides good protection for the lens and the orifice position is not misaligned. Even with a flash, it won’t disturb the photo. All suggestions, five stars, fast delivery.

  28. V***r

    I like the soft shell very much. It feels good. The protective shell is the same as the description. The protective lens is also in place. The hole buttons are very accurate, and the use is not affected. The overall quality is very good. this price.

  29. N***r

    <2en> this transparent color mobile phone shell. Secondly this is the second time I buy it. <2en> the quality is soft and comfortable. <2en> the touch is also very good. <2en> it’s good to protect mobile phones.

  30. M***r

    <2en> it’s the best!!! <2en> these blankets are super good, and the most important is praise. <2en> PublicaLog is great, he answered quickly, thank you, very well, I suggest.

  31. P***r

    The transparent one looks clean, does not turn yellow, is tightly wrapped, and has a lens protection device. The price is cheaper than buying in my country

  32. О***r

    He’s thin, he sits perfectly and definitely worth the money. I suggest those who don’t like big boxes, give people a very nice touch, don’t use your hands, the buttons are conveniently pressed, you can get used to it and get it at the price of a new user with this product all goes well and happy shopping;)

  33. Е***r

    The phone cases has been received, and the protection I want is in place. The opening precision of the camera, speaker, etc. is very high, which perfectly matches the iPhone 12 Pro. It doesn’t look easy to turn yellow. Anyway, I bought two at a time. If it turns yellow for a long time, I will use another one.

  34. B***r

    <2en> I bought it for the second time, and the shell is of good quality, fine and good to the touch. <2en> it stands perfectly on the phone

  35. B***r

    It arrived in good condition, fits super well on the phone and has to protect the camera, I liked it very much and good price.

  36. Ф***r

    I liked the case very much, all the holes in the right places, the cameras are protected, thanks to PublicaLog! Parcel combine with other orders in one

  37. A***r

    <2en> I really appreciate being able to see the original color of my phone, I can also see if it must be cleaned when the dust naturally accumulates in the bo?tier. Not slippery.

  38. Ш***r

    Fast shipping. Good product. It is not a very heavy product, but when falling from hand it can protect the phone and lens from damage. In general, a product that is worth your money.

  39. D***r

    <2en> pleasant to the touch. <2en> the edges adjust on the bezel for additional protection in case of fall. <2en> the buttons are pressed firmly. <2en> the pouch is pleasant to the touch, came quickly, and everything is suitable for everything.

  40. M***r

    <2en> product of very high quality! <2en> I recommend PublicaLog, the shipment was fast. <2en> arrived from Asia in France within 3 weeks after the order.

  41. К***r

    The case feels very good, and the hole position is just right with the phone, which is exactly the same as the phone model. And this model is relatively simple, looks neater, and is very high-end .

  42. О***r

    Осталось протестировать, но вроде хорошего качества, товар был очень быстрым, удивлен, увидев это, очень доволен покупкой и продавцом, обязательно повторю и посоветую этому продавцу.

  43. N***r

    <2en> Transparent and clean after installation, I like it a lot

  44. G***r

    <2en> corresponds to the description. <2en> the inside is non-slip and the outside is smooth. <2en> it fits perfectly in 12pro.

  45. A***r

    Came after the order that for me very quickly)) the cover itself meets expectations, and the camera is turned off, so as not to scratch the surface (if the screen is up))) Thank you seller!!

  46. N***r

    <2en> an excellent shell, waterproof, covers the cameras, we can see the Apple and the color of the phone. <2en> the order arrived in three weeks

  47. A***r

    <2en> good phone shell. <2en> it does not slip in the hand and holds it well, and the Tees do not exceed. <2en> he feels very comfortable. Recommend. Arrived on time. <2en> PublicaLog sent the item the same day.

  48. М***r

    This is the right purchase, I like it! If I change to a new iPhone, we will continue to buy phone cases in this store!

  49. Н***r

    Super case! I ordered several 12 pro max protective cases in different stores, but this one is perfect, thin, transparent and camera protection. The buttons are suitable and easy to press.

  50. PublicaLog Shopper


  51. V***a

    All mint, I thought I would put on and straighten out, it’s like it’s big. Upset. but everything came quickly and according to the material is good

  52. T***r

    Fast delivery. Nice product to protect your phone from damage when it fall down from your hand. Overall a product that worth your money.

  53. B***r

    <2en> the lens is fully protected, the quality is good, the price is good and it is soft and flexible. <2en> I am very satisfied with the order! <2en> the order will be delivered within 3 weeks.

  54. É***r

    <2en> as on the picture, light and thin, the position of the hole is accurate and very comfortable.

  55. В***r

    OK. The cover is soft, it sat on the iPhone 12 mini well, all the holes are in place. Corresponds to the description on the site. The cover fit well.

  56. З***r

    The product is excellent, perfectly approached the phone, I recommend PublicaLog

  57. M***r

    Good in general. The camera is completely surrounded, according to the instructions. Fast Delivery

  58. Б***r

    Put it in the mailbox. Very beautiful! It is convenient to hold in your hands! The phone does not increase! Which is not important to me. All buttons and connectors came up perfectly! Definitely recommend 🙂 best find

  59. И***r

    Отличное качество! Тонкий,прозрачный, плотно сидит, края загнуты внутрь экрана-доп.защита! Все отверстия совпадают, ровно вырезан. Этот чехол защищает выпуклый блок камер,в отличие от других. Внутри антискользящее покрытие. Быстрая доставка! За такие деньги – просто подарок! С продавцом не общалась. Брала у разных продавцов,этот – лучший.

  60. G***r

    Je ne veux pas utiliser de bo?tiers transparents bon marché. Mais non, l’étui de téléphone de ce magasin m’a surpris que les boutons soient parfaits, l’objectif est entièrement protégé et suffisamment serré. J’espère ne pas augmenter le prix.

  61. A***W

    Delicate, flexible silicone. I don’t know how at obiciach whether upadkach

  62. D***r

    Good fit. <2en> exactly the same as the description. <2en> it is thin and comfortable as it prevents the phone from slipping. Came quickly

  63. С***r

    Cool cover, for its price just a bomb! Closes the camera unit, and also stands for the phone screen, so that it does not scratch if you put the screen down. PublicaLog is sociable, the goods sent quickly, for the case thank you.

  64. F***r

    Great case. Everything is as it was said. There’s a bump on the camera. Well protected

  65. Ф***r

    It arrived quickly: a soft touch, The situation is very good, much better than I expected. Compared with other conventional situations, this method is more protective, it is soft, and the price is very suitable. I definitely recommend.

  66. С***r

    A good silicone sleeve with side reinforcement. I bought for iphone 12 and 12 pro and 12 pro max. My phone seems to be well protected. There is no communication with PublicaLog, and it can be delivered quickly through savings logistics.

  67. H***r

    My friend recommended buying it. The quality is very good. It’s as fine as the image description. I like it very much!

  68. T***r

    emocionado. Una excelente funda para teléfono móvil, cómoda al tacto. Cámara excepcional. Se lo he recomendado a todos mis amigos. El material interior es bueno y no se raya. Llegará en unas 2,5 semanas y el envío por correo es muy rápido.

  69. К***r

    The customer service recommended it. After wearing this case, the phone is more beautiful than my previous one. The transparent back design is atmospheric and beautiful.

  70. y***r

    The quality is good, the cover is clean. Happy :)))

  71. t***r

    Excellent quality! Thin, transparent, tightly sits, the edges are bent inside the screen-additional protection! All holes match, exactly cut. This case protects the convex block of the cameras, unlike others. Inside is an anti-slip coating. Fast shipping! For such money-just a gift! I did not communicate with PublicaLog. Took from different sellers, this one is the best.

  72. C***r

    In one package, 3 orders are combined at a time. Place the phone case on the phone. It holds comfortably in the hand: it does not slide, there is one side on the screen, corners and camera are protected and buttons are easy to press. I’m glad I bought these phone cases. I recommend sellers and products.

  73. O***r

    <2en> Excellent plastic shelf without scratches. <2en> I recommend PublicaLog and his product

  74. W***s

    It’s a little thin but I love it and I get like 1 me before

  75. S***a

    Доставка 2 недели до СПб в постамат 5-ки рядом с домом, удобно.

  76. M***E

    Came on time, without defects and scratches, arrived in a bubble film and a paper bag, sits perfectly, the buttons are all pressed, I advise the back phone otherwise all the dirt will be visible, the material is smooth and can scratch over time (Some photos are made from the old phone so I apologize for the quality)

  77. t***e

    Perfect thanks

  78. f***z

    Excelente, solo un poco suelta por la parte de atras, pero no afecta en nada

  79. T***e

    <2en> very good in size, beautiful Hull, to see protection and duration

  80. k***r

    The workmanship of the shell is exquisite. To the touch, it is also very smooth and gentle. the material of the case is made of soft rubber. protecting the phone in place. it is two millimeters above the camera. The color of the appearance is transparent.

  81. Т***r

    The cover is super. I am very satisfied. Mea fast delivery. I can recommend PublicaLog 100%

  82. N***s

    It’s very thin and smooth, using it and very happy with the product. The middle is for the magnetic holder of the gps

  83. r***r

    It arrived in good condition, fits super well on the phone and has to protect the camera, I liked it very much and good price.

  84. Р***r

    Корпус пришел в отличном состоянии. На телефоне сидит хорошо.

  85. Д***r

    Супер кейс! Я заказал в разных магазинах несколько чехлов 11 pro, но этот идеальный, с прозрачной задней стенкой и краями, а также с защитой камеры. Кнопки хорошо подогнаны и легко нажимаются.

  86. R***r

    Excellent coverage, ce fit? Gone. All the buttons are pressed. It looks beautiful

  87. К***r

    This product is great and suitable for my iPhone 11 pro phone. PublicaLog is very honest and highly recommend.

  88. S***r

    <2en> the product corresponds to the description in the publication. <2en> it arrived quickly and works properly. <2en> I recommend the store and the five-star seller.

  89. K***n

    Product complies with the description. Shipments arrived 1 day after delivery time. Very fast shipping.

  90. O***t

    <2en> Super, hull similar to 20 € in France, unbeatable…

  91. K***y

    Delivered very quickly. Normal cover, the ratio of price/quality is quite good. The protective side around the screen is enough height, it’s good. The only thing that bothers is the height of the protective side around the camera lenses. There is just a level, see. Photo. If you carry a lot on a dirty surface, then the protective glass of the lenses will definitely suffer. I would do 0.5mm in plus, not even. In the rest-normal!!

  92. M***e

    Really thin as compared to my previous cover.

  93. PublicaLog Shopper

    It’ll take a little while to get there. Ultra Fine and fits perfectly. Looks like he’s not wearing a holster.

  94. g***r

    Everything came quickly

  95. S***n

    Excellent silicone case. Seller and recommend!

  96. B***a


  97. N***v

    Great case. There is a burtic at the screen. The camera glass turns out a flush with a cover. There is a mount for the strap. Buttons are pressed perfectly.

  98. F***S

    He arrived in Peru in a month in good condition! The case for the Xr does not take care of the camera so much, protrudes a little. For the rest it’s super good, very light.

  99. D***z

    Excellent, thin but protects well, arrived super fast.

  100. v***r

    Excellent, thin, soft cover. Excellent fit on the phone, very glad, thank you

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