SOOLALA 6pcs 15×14.5cm Eyeglasses Anti-Fog Cloth

(100 customer reviews)



SOOLALA 6pcs 15×14.5cm Eyeglasses Anti-Fog Cloth


(100 customer reviews)

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Brand Name




Eyewear Accessories

Lens Cloth

Item Type

Eyewear Accessories








Eyewear Accessories


Eyeglasses Camera Glasses Duster Cleaning Cloth

Feature 1

Anti fog Microfiber Glasses Square Cleaner Cleaning Cloth

Feature 2

Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Cleaning Cloth for Screens, Lenses, Glasses


Dry anti-fog cloth

100 reviews for SOOLALA 6pcs 15×14.5cm Eyeglasses Anti-Fog Cloth

  1. AliExpress Shopper

    Very satisfied in the purchase! Apparently it works for my surprise. I’ll update the information when it takes longer

  2. I***z

    Super fast shipping (about one week from the order).
    They come individually packaged with airtight closure, which is great. They’re reusable.
    And yes, they work! It’s a pass, my glasses are no longer tarnished by the damn mask.
    Very happy with this purchase. When I need more, I’ll reorder them here.

  3. A***d

    Excellent! Super fast order has arrived in 8 days! And with little gift! Thank you very much.

  4. S***a

    Fast and perfect shipping. Well packed. Just like the description. Just need to prove it.

  5. AliExpress Shopper

    Second time I buy it. It lasts every two weeks. This time he has arrived very quickly to Spain. The weird thing is, Glovo brought it instead of the post office.

  6. j***s

    It works! It’s the best purchase I ‘ve made on aliexpress. A wet wipe comes in each package, can be used several times, you pass it through the glass (plus it cleans your glasses, doesn’t leave them with marks or anything) and ready!

  7. f***

    This afternoon I tested them being 4 hours in a hospital with an fpp2 and the result was perfect. I find it very good shopping

  8. Y***z

    I haven’t tried the wipes yet, I can only say q are individually packed and have arrived very quickly to Spain. When I try them I’ll comment again

  9. AliExpress Shopper

    It has arrived very soon and before the date indicated by the seller, very well protected. I haven’t tried it yet if it works well. Highly recommended seller

  10. B***r

    It works! Amazing, doing well has lasted me three days without tarnishing anything. The wipes come well impregnated and the Zip bag keeps it well.

  11. I***o

    It works but it’s not the panacea either. In wet environments they do not make enough effect and tarnish the same. The airtight bag is very useful to be able to carry it everywhere and be able to clean it when necessary

  12. S***o

    It took Spain 20 days. Lack of proof

  13. J***o

    It seems to work properly. In a few days I’ll confirm.

  14. AliExpress Shopper

    Everything ok.

  15. AliExpress Shopper

    They’re super practical. Very happy

  16. p***r

    It doesn’t work miracles, but if it helps enough, the crystals tarnish much less after using it, although I repeat that miracles do not do, but it is a good help

  17. AliExpress Shopper


  18. E***r

    The article is as described. I come before what I expected. When I try, I’ll leave another description.

  19. m***l

    OK bien

  20. I***a

    It has arrived very quickly and the product is accurate to the description. Distributed at home to each of the family members and are all happy, I ‘ve been doing well for like a fortnight, I think the secret is to close the package well with the closure that helps you keep it tight. Photo With the test done with vaho.

  21. N***s

    I have to try but for the price I think it’s gonna be good

  22. E***a

    It’s come super fast, exact to the description. Now we need to prove it and make it work with the mask

  23. F***.

    He came very quickly. Now missing test it

  24. R***o

    Untested yet, received in a week since it was sent, it looks like it’s the same as optics or drugstore, I’ll leave comment when I try them

  25. ***s

    Just like the description, just need to try it
    Fast shipping 10 days

  26. J***a

    They’re not the panacea but alguma thing gets better

    Before applying clean glasses cin water and jabon

    During the. Day you can repeat the operation several times for a good result

    They are reusable and carry bag with closure to keep
    Good packing and fast shipping

  27. R***A

    Good presentation and comfortable carrying in bag by Zip closure.

  28. R***A

    Good product the only thing that took a week longer than agreed. Everything perfect, works very well.

  29. J***z

    Buy them first on a Spanish website at a brutal overpriced (15 €) when I got the package I realized perfectly that it was from AliExpress I took a picture and got to the article immediately purchased at 3,97 €. Great price the truth that perform its function perfectly. In Spain they sold it to me as 200 uses per bag evidently it does not have those uses, it has a lot less but for its price here great.

  30. D***a

    Correct shipping. Correct quality. Now to try them.

  31. F***u

    Looks like k works. I recommend.

  32. g***r

    Domestic in commercially available compared with other products quality is much higher.
    The last photo in violin products Jade * buy from light the price is per piece 5000 one close to that.
    Don’t rub cotton guitar is in a lot of men, this product is size cleanly without traces high power LED is much better.
    Domestic buyers in the field to a bit of help and if there is one.

  33. M***z

    Incredible! For less than it costs one in the optics and many better. In 10seg they are cleaned and nothing is tarnished.

  34. R***Z

    Received within the specified time frame, just need to be tested and I tell you how it goes.

  35. j***j

    They work very well. They avoid the tarnishing of the glasses. In case there is a lot of moisture in the environment at the end of time moisture can be created in the crystals but not as annoying as tarnished. They’re reusable. The bags have airtight closures to keep the wipe as long as possible. I ‘d buy them again.

  36. O***e

    It’s the second time I buy them and at least they work perfectly for me.

  37. p***z

    4,92 eu 6 pcs, well protected.

  38. AliExpress Shopper

    Perfect packing and very fast shipping

  39. a***a

    They work

  40. j***o

    Very good value. They work perfectly. They come with zip closure bag to save and for better conservation. Various-purpose anti-fog hooves. Now Shipping in 10 days

  41. E***r

    Fast delivery! Less than ten days, even having parties
    Lack of proof

  42. AliExpress Shopper

    I was surprised how effective it is, I wasn’t sure it was going to work, and if it does, great!
    I don’t have to go with the glasses anymore.
    In the head every little bit.

  43. D***z

    Amazing, but they work, it’s the second buy and it took longer q the first

  44. E***z

    Perfect, they do their function very well, and without reusable, the bag is Zip type to put it back in. Great!

  45. E***r

    Realment works. Molt bona buys. Enviament molt ràpid

  46. J***o

    Everything ok. See if they work.

  47. R***l

    It works good for now. I recommend it.

  48. m***a

    I bought it for my mom and she says great. Right now I just made a purchase of 4 more packs for her and her coworkers. It’s the same thing they sell on optics at gold price. I highly recommend it.

  49. AliExpress Shopper

    Excelente comunicación del vendedor, envío rápido, aún no las he probado, cuando lo haga dejaré comentario adicional a ver cómo van

  50. R***y

    It’s come in as long as it stipulated. The product is very good and personally works for me. Highly recommended

  51. AliExpress Shopper

    They work well. I don’t know how to tarnish the glasses and the wipe lasts 7 or 10 days. It leaves No trace when using and looks very clearly. I ‘d buy again.

  52. S***a

    Shipping in 10 days just Despite the temporary. They work perfectly. Purchase recommended by a family member and I in turn have recommended it to several friends.

  53. P***o

    Thay are fantastic, work perfectly my glasses lsst morr timewithout foggy. I’ll buy again

  54. C***N

    It works well, at first it has excess liquid, but in a couple of uses it works perfect

  55. AliExpress Shopper

    I bought them why a family member recommended them to me and the q super happy truth with the purchase. The wipe is wet but leaves no print on the glasses. I don’t know how long the effect lasts because it’s the first day I use it but with the masks it meets its function.

  56. J***a

    They have arrived well embassies and in time, all perfect

  57. s***z

    I ‘ve tried it all day and great. I give him one pass in the morning and one in the afternoon and they put up with me very well and it doesn’t tarnish nothing.

  58. E***P

    Very fast

  59. E***j

    All perfect and prompt arrival, I will already leave additional comments at the time you use them so for now I recommend the seller to 100% since you are very attentive and there is a great fired follow-up.

  60. AliExpress Shopper

    Super fast to arrive, as described on the aver Q page such are

  61. E***r

    Si, funcionan bien he limpiado y he pasado la gamuza como en las instrucciones he podido hacer la prueba con la mascarilla y soplando bien! Nada de vahos! Perfecto!

  62. G***V

    We have to try. They look good.

  63. d***r

    In less than a month arriving in Spain. We need to try to see if it really works.

  64. E***r

    I tried them today and it looks like q works. It is not within a few hours if the effect is passed or for how many uses it will serve until q does not take effect when cleaning them.
    They’re like a wet or impregnated pelin.

  65. L***o

    Super fast to arrive if everything will work this fast on AliExpress it was done with the whole market.
    Good product

  66. B***

    Ha llegado muy rápido, perfecto

  67. G***a

    perfectas, funcionan muy bien, Durán unos 12 horas, la bolsa cierra muy bien

  68. P***a

    Fast shipping. Same as the seller’s description. I ordered 5 packs and comes a large padded envelope and inside the 5 packs each in its padded envelope. I haven’t tried them yet. Good shipping tracking. Highly recommended seller.

  69. j***s

    All right and fast! They seem to work!

  70. D***Z

    Fast shipping and it seems to work, they hardly tarnish (much less).

  71. I***a

    I love it! I highly recommend them, with the mask theme, I get a lot of tarnished glasses and so I buy them.

  72. 7***r

    I love it, it works

  73. a***n

    I had already tested them and it works at 90% delo it says, but in the optics it has a price of 6 € unit.
    They ‘ve arrived very quickly.

  74. X***a

    Shipping very fast (one week) now need to try it to see if it works

  75. R***N

    The item is exactly as the seller says, super fast shipping. Seller fully recommended.

  76. N***s

    Wonder. I have arrived in 10 days in Spain as the seller announces. 6 cloths come in individual zip bags to keep them wet. My problem was wearing the glasses with the mask and they don’t tarnish anything anymore. I’ll ask again!

  77. J***o

    It has arrived in estimated time and exactly what I asked for. Very good service

  78. R***s

    la descripción es tal como indica el proveedor, la microfibra es de calidad y funciona perfectamente. ha venido bastante rápido

  79. j***r

    The product is as stated by the seller and has arrived before time.

  80. A***a

    Antifog microcrofibre wipes. They clean the glasses very well, and you can wear the mask without getting the crystals tarnished. They are durable. Shipping very fast.

  81. a***n

    Received in 10 days as indicated. When you try them, I’ll leave more comments.

  82. AliExpress Shopper

    All good

  83. f***r

    Very good result, they don’t tarnish you

  84. N***n

    Perfect are going very well and I ‘ve received it in a week.
    Thank you very much seller

  85. AliExpress Shopper

    They are great and effective

  86. E***r

    It corresponds to the photograph. I hope they work. I’ll try them this week to see how it goes.

  87. m***a

    Not tested yet, I hope q works

  88. r***a

    As described but they didn’t arrive in 10 days as it says

  89. M***a

    Son fantásticas y funcionan genial. Había comprado en farmacia a un precio muy alto y estas funcionan igual o incluso mejor. El envío fue muy rápido. Recomiendo al vendedor.

  90. J***t

    Great product works perfectly and shipping very fast

  91. R***n

    The order is very satisfied! Very fast delivery, only 2 weeks. I constantly wear glasses, and they fog. These napkins are my salvation! Recommend!

  92. J***z

    Toallita de tela de microfibra que, deja las gafas dispuestas para llevar mascarilla sin que se te empañen. Calidad precio inigualable. 100% Recomendado

  93. P***o

    They’re like wet cloths. Pretty effective and don’t stain your glasses too much. They are obviously not the panacea but improve visibility

  94. M***g

    Great, everything works as it should. Very satisfied, especially when wearing a mask, this thing just helps out.

  95. D***z

    100×100 effective, I have already bought several times and recommended it to other people. Very happy.

  96. P***d

    Very fast shipping and the product meets the description.

  97. R***z

    Perfect. They don’t tarnish their glasses anymore. I don’t know how long the power will last ha is but at the moment to a wonder.

  98. K***e

    They really work. I recommend them.

  99. s***a

    They work perfectly.
    Fast shipping.

  100. T***a

    They work well

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