Liitokala new HG2 18650 3000mAh battery 18650HG2 3

(100 customer reviews)



Liitokala new HG2 18650 3000mAh battery 18650HG2 3


(100 customer reviews)
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100 reviews for Liitokala new HG2 18650 3000mAh battery 18650HG2 3

  1. D***S

    They went two and a half months in the Khabarovsk Territory. Took on sale 11.11 to 130 rubles. PCs. What’s interesting 2 to 5 PCs Goes cheaper than 10 PCs Voltage from 3.63V to 3.61v ëmbone within 2844mAh to 2862mAh tested by charging litokala lii-500.

  2. B***y

    Once again, everything is on top

  3. S***y

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    На фото QR код с этой ссылкой

  4. I***i

    Put in the screwdriver, everything works. The parcel was almost 3 months old

  5. A***U

    Almost 90 days on the way. AKB are good.

  6. p***v

    The capacity is below the declared, but the current output is normal for a 10.8 volt small screwdriver that is not heated.

  7. E***I

    Of the 10 pieces all without marriage, on average showed 2800ma. delivery of sdek to any address to the house.

  8. A***v

    Sending is not the fastest.
    Delivery is just under two months.
    Packing is good.
    Track tracked fuck him. In the end, I received it in sdek.
    I did not communicate with the seller.
    The product fully corresponds to the declared.
    The quality is very good.
    I buy neither the first time nor the first year.
    Already there are several successful translated shurikov.
    I am very pleased with the purchase, I recommend

  9. K***o

    In general, everything is not bad. Despite the fact that the order went almost two months the batteries came charged. One is 3,64V, the second is 3,59v.

  10. Y***K

    Everything is fine. Delivery by sdecom to the house, everything is well packed, all items are equally charged (3.58 V)

  11. V***v

    Good Akum. That’s only delivery is very long.

  12. O***n

    It went for a long time but it’s clear, the batteries on the plane do not carry, they came charged, I will put it in the shurika.

  13. o***n

    Delivery 1,5 months in Ufa to the Post Office.
    Packing is a reliable navel.
    Arrived in order. I haven’t checked yet. Later in addition I will leave feedback.

  14. I***v

    посылка пришла спустяч 45 дней. Ёмкости соответствует. Собрал аккумулятор шуруповерта, шуруповёрт работает хорошо. Спасибо продавцу

  15. D***v

    Packed well. Came charged to 3,65 volts. Capacity after one discharge is about 2940 mAh charge.

  16. A***v

    Хорошие оригинальные аккумуляторы. Шли недолго по меркам почты. Все супер. Заряженные 40% как и положено

  17. A***v


  18. M***m

    This is my another purchase, battery are super parameters are close HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. E***o

    Batteries of good quality. The capacity corresponds to the claimed. Smallest capacity 2860 mAh, highest capacity 2980 mAh. Came charged 3,6 v. Good Toko return. The only negative packing, batteries in a thin box, and the box is enclosed in a postal envelope, because of this one battery with dents on the case. The batteries have dielectric washers on positive contact.

  20. S***i

    Excellent batteries for their money.

  21. D***h

    The battery capacity corresponds to the description.

  22. M***

    Всё пришло, аккум собрал в болгарку, позже отпишусь как работает. Ехали 2 месяца через Монголию

  23. J***v

    Delivery to Vitebsk 25 days. Packing in carton box. Delivered the goods to the Mail. No visible damage. Previously ordered through another seller, but the one unwritten that the goods returned the customs. Divorce… Opened a dispute. The money was returned. Time was spent. Ordered from this seller. And here’s 25 days before Vitebsk. I recommend the seller. Credit.

  24. A***h

    Fast shipping! Corresponds to the declared technical characteristics! Great seller!

  25. P***a

    Delivery to RB 21 days. The track was tracked everywhere. Batteries are charged up to 3.8 volts. I order from this seller a second time. Batteries from the first order work perfectly in the battery of the screwdriver. I can recommend this seller and the goods.

  26. P***o

    акуму заказываю не первый раз, всегда приходили. напряжение 3,6v. упаковка целая, доставка около месяца. рекомендую, брал для переделки АКБ шурика.

  27. A***a

    Delivered the goods intact, the battery is fully charged. Product and seller recommend.

  28. R***v

    The parcel reached Pavlodar in 2 months. Packed medium, but nothing was damaged. At all akuums the charge is the same 3.6 V. I put the batch on the test, I’ll write it later. They look decent, probably and according to the capacity of the norms will be. 5 Star advance

  29. S***i

    The seller sent the order quickly, but before Ukraine it went 2 months. Everything came in integrity and safety, the capacity corresponds to the declared. Made 2 cycles charge discharge, all data on paper. Satisfied with the purchase, took to repair the laptop battery.

  30. a***r

    Goods received delivery and Asia to Vologda Region 24 days. Batteries ordered for remaking the screwdriver. The budget option in full suits us to look at how much is enough. I recommend the product and the store.

  31. A***o

    Thank you!

  32. M***M

    The battery came, everything corresponds to the description, though the track was not tracked, but it came on time, thank you to the seller!

  33. I***a

    It was 1,5 months before Belarus.

  34. V***U

    The quality of the performance is good, I took it for the screwdriver! it came in a month, the seller is sociable, immediately responsible!

  35. A***v

    The goods are of excellent quality. All batteries are charged to 3,84v. The capacity has not yet checked. Delivery through Kazakhstan, 33 days. Recommend!

  36. a***r

    Товар пришёл быстро с учётом того, что шёл через половину Китая и почти всю Россию! Упакован отлично! Отзыв дополню позже, когда хотя бы выборочно проверю аккумуляторы.

  37. A***n

    Packaging good, fast delivery 25 days to the Tula region, resistance on average 33 mOhm (best 28, worst 34), capacity did not measure, nickel plated plates. (In the photo, resistance with poor contact)

  38. C***m

    Almost 2 months to arrive but have arrived
    Las iba a use for the faulty battery one mini chainsaw I lasted a days But in the end I ‘ve worn these pi las refillable 18650 3000mAh if not I remember bad, For powerbank boxes like are brand # Liitokala I no longer bother to check on ña real capacity, as I know it is announced I No longer buy any other 18650 battery brand
    Good Day

  39. K***a

    All I order perfectly 4 times I recommend the seller!

  40. A***h

    Пришло за 21 день.

  41. D***r

    The seller is great.
    It went to Khabarovsk for 46 days, the track is untraceable, packed in a cardboard box and pupyrku. Took two, paid 300 rubles. Appearance without complaints. There is no marking by volume, where the QR code does not check on the battery. Declared in the description 3000 mAh, in fact, filled in each about 2900 mAh (photo).
    P.S. Is: Of course, I took for modernization of technology (lanterns T. P.), I think here 90%, such buyers, unfortunately our Chinese friends can not initially collect everything beautifully, on the new flashlight the built-in battery has sucked 600 mA/H-horror, the power is 5 and hence alcoholism, drug abuse and the demographic crisis

  42. P***k

    It came in less than a month. Voltage at each 3.82b. Packed two boxes in one big. Thank you seller.

  43. I***k

    Appearance is excellent. Voltage almost all 3.84 in. Delivery is fast, in Pinsk for 18 days. Seller thanks!

  44. H***k

    Batteries went almost 3 months in Kiev! For a very long time. There are no complaints about the batteries itself. The quality is excellent, the capacity matches.

  45. R***r

    The description correspond, the capacity frozen 3934-3945 mAh, went for a long time without tracking 3 months, came with a charge of 3.85 V I order in this store all the first.

  46. I***v

    With the seller did not communicate, after payment the parcel came for three weeks .. On weight and appearance like normal.
    I will check the real capacity and put it in the screwdriver

  47. a***v

    I’m happy, I took the fee with the plaquus, it cost four thousand,

  48. K***v

    The price is good, delivered in a couple of months-for batteries a normal period. The capacity and resistance was tested by the population, the casting overcomes (leads to a deep discharge). Discharge test, current 1 amp. In principle, it should be in the photo all can be seen-a capacity of 2700- 3100 milliampere-hours, resistance of 45- 52 millimeters. The spread is strong, you need to select at least the same resistance. In short, take with a margin. Batteries seem to be stale, but there is no marriage. Same more expensive.

  49. A***r

    It’s fine. I take it a second time. Quality is good

  50. A***h

    Fast delivery and good packing.
    Good quality goods. I recommend the goods and the seller.

  51. K***v

    The akcoma came packed well. At tests on internal resistance showed 24,25,26,27 miliom capacity 2900mAh. If you assemble on an electric tool, then in parallel two then longer will last.

  52. Shopper

    I ordered 29.04.21 arrivals to the post office of Russia 06.06.21. I’m buying from this seller for the second time. I checked all the battery. 6 PCs batteries 3.84 Volt shows. I recommend the seller and the store.

  53. P***n

    It took 2 months and 12 days but the batteries arrived. At first glance seem ok, the voltage was 3.84V 4 pieces, one 3.85V and one 3.83V. Thank you.

  54. V***v

    Delivery 40 days to the Nizhny Novgorod region. The quality is excellent. Track number was tracked. Came charged at 70%. I bought it for the bank.

  55. S***o

    To Yuzhno-Sakhalin for a month!
    Put on charge. I will test, the capacity will be visible. I’ll write a report later.
    Seller reliable! I order from him for the third time. Logistics is better.
    Order boldly!

  56. J***A

    Quite quickly and well packed, took on the reimification of his noise “” The operation passed successfully all earned the seller thanks to the purchase recommend

  57. G***v

    Order received. All 25 PCs Showed 2.83V. The resistance of lii-500 showed 28-36mr. Weight 46 grams. Marked in May 2021. We’re checking on.

  58. D***l

    Ordered 10 battery. Went long enough, just over a month. Delivery was a courier, with this problem was not. The battery packs were packed in boxes of 5 pieces in each. Optionally measured the capacity of 2 of their 10 battery packs: 2500mAh and 2400mAh. In principle, for such a price, normal quality. I also checked one jar for a short circuit, it turned out something about 20A.

  59. A***v

    34 days from the order to receipt. I order not the first time, the batteries work, how to collect the battery our screwdriver will complement….

  60. o***o

    The delivery was that I thought already and do not reach-2 months. The Battery corresponds to the description, a charge of 3.8 volts, tried to measure Amperas, 8-9 amps amps

  61. A***v

    Good batteries, not the first time I buy here for assembly.

  62. M***o

    Very long delivery, received, set-I’ll add a review

  63. V***v

    Посылка шла в Краснодар 38 дней, отслеживалась. Аккумуляторы пришли с вольтажем 3,83-3,84в. Брал 12 штук, восстановил 2 шуруповерта (4 аккумулятора). Все работает.

  64. a***r

    Packed normally, seller sent fast, at customs week hung

  65. N***v

    Corresponds to the description, in appearance and weight the quality is good. The delivery made it nervous-two and a half months, the seller even extended the delivery time for 20 days. In the rest everything is fine, the batteries arrived normally charged, neatly packed. Capacity can not check, we will test in practice.

  66. M***v

    The seller quickly sent the order. The goods received in the Russian Federation 48 region. The parcel is delivered in 48 days. Track was tracked all the way. Normal quality! Corresponds to the description. To the seller my respect and good luck in business! The seller quickly sent the order. Goods received in the Russian Federation 48 region. Parcel delivered in 48 days! The track was tracked all the way. Normal quality! Corresponds to the description. The seller my respect and good luck in business

  67. A***u

    In the photo, charging, after assembly. All banks were 3.80 V

  68. A***v

    Come quickly. Charged were 3.84 v. Took to replace in the screwdriver Deko 12 V regular for 1.5 A/H. Everything works fine.

  69. v***y

    All 4 in Raena 2900

  70. R***g

    I take not the first time. the seller is good. I recommend the product and the seller. true our mail box Popil. but the battery is OK.

  71. A***z

    Came quickly 3 weeks to Kazan…
    Good batteries. I order not in the first…
    Charge-discharge-charge showed average 2900 mAh.
    I bought with all the discounts coupons 950₽.(were for 1450₽) 10 PCs. in the photo I signed the average value. On Shuriki the most that…

  72. A***v

    Delivery is quite a long time seller himself extended the protection period. With a dome less than 100 rubles.

  73. П***в

    Delivery in the area of the month, packed reliably. Ordered 40 pieces, all serviceable and charged at 3,7V with 16 ohm resistance. Purchase satisfied. Seller thank you)

  74. M***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery 25 days to Kazakhstan. The quality is excellent. Seller recommend.

  75. Y***n

    It’s been less than a month. The batteries are excellent, they hold a charge well and a large current output. I took it for schurik. They work for Hurray. I recommend to buy. I take not the first time, high current. prdavtsu thanks for the prompt work and the Mail did not fail.

  76. A***v

    In Almaty it came in 1 month.
    Packing as in the photo. It’s not safe for me, without any shock sinks. I have not checked the work yet. They look good. There is even a sticker with the name).

  77. V***v

    Thank you seller! Goods received. Ordered on 10 May 2021 Received on 23 July 2021 Batteries go long. The seller in the letter informed me. After opening the parcel with a quick test by the charger Opus bt-c3100 v2.2. Showed the following results. Battery charged 3,88 v. capacity showed 2666 mAh. Resistance in different slots from 78 to 126 ohms. Of course, as advise lithium batteries New need to swing. That I will leave a new comment in a few days. Photo At the time of receipt see below.

  78. S***o

    Hi there. Delivery fifty days from the time of order. The parcel was not tracked. The quality of the batteries is good. The capacity corresponds to the declared. I order not the first time everything comes whole. Recommend.

  79. A***v

    товар пришел быстро все отлично заряжены все одинаково

  80. A***b

    Delivery just over 2 months. Comes on meessexypress. Not tracked. Packed normally: pupyrka envelope, cardboard box, soft bag. Corresponds to the description. On contact plates shrink. Voltage on all cans is the same 3.79 v. I’ll take the screw.

  81. V***o

    In general, I’m happy with the batteries. Good packing, correct charge, 1,5 month delivery to PC. It was only the date of production. The seller wrote, he pretended not to understand. In short, when buying, ask the seller what, at least, year.

  82. E***v

    Покупаю не в первый раз. Качество хорошее. Работают на силовых инструментах.

  83. A***v

    Excellent batteries came with a voltage of 3,8 volts very satisfied! Installed inside the portable column in return for old…

  84. V***r

    The order received, checked the charge on each battery will show 4.1 volts while I’m happy to test. After a full check, I will add a review.

  85. A***n

    отличные высокотоковые аккумы, пришли заряженные, правда шли 2,5 месяца, продавец отзывчивый, праверил на ёмкость получилось 2,8 Ам при напряжении 5вольт, что соответствует заявленной мощности 3,3 Ам при выдаваемом напряжении 4,2 вольта, покупкой доволен! фото прилагаются!

  86. A***v

    В Казахстан Алматы дошла посылка за месяц. Отданную емкость видно на фотграфиях. Брал для переделки шуруповерта.

  87. A***k

    Batteries are quite good-the capacity of all three in normal testing is 2950ma/h.

  88. A***v

    Чёткие банки, пришли на 50%заряжены, на пряжение практически 5а всех более менее одинаково, в нагрузке 3А нормально отдают, без просадок. Доставка в Нижний Новгород 3 недели.

  89. s***v

    Matches the description of the seller. The only thing that went on was a package of sixty days. All batteries are charged about 3.82 volts. Thank you seller.

  90. S***n

    Goods received. The charge at all is 3.8 V. I haven’t checked the rest yet. The box in which all the bruised were packed, it seems that all Asia walked on it.

  91. B***s

    Пришло все быстро.

  92. V***v

    Class all works

  93. L***r

    Все как надо!

  94. E***a


  95. A***u

    Delivery is just space-10 days from the day of order to receiving at the post office. And it is in Belarus. The packing is simple-cardboard box with Seal. Voltage on all cans is the same 3.85 Volt. I bought it for shuropotta. How to use then I will add a review

  96. D***v

    Delivery is long, but everything came intact. The charge of all batteries is 3.8 V. packed in a cardboard box.

  97. R***r

    Good batteries in each 3000 mAh.
    I put it in the battery for the laser.

  98. E***o

    very good. thank you very much.

  99. T***a

    Great batteries. Charged 3.8 volts.

  100. p***p

    Everything is fine, 1,5 months delivery

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