For Oculus Link USB- C Steam VR Quest

(100 customer reviews)



For Oculus Link USB- C Steam VR Quest


(100 customer reviews)

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100 reviews for For Oculus Link USB- C Steam VR Quest

  1. E***o

    Quality Cable for the Oculus, I haven’t been able to test it on the appliance, but on the cable material and its packaging I can say that great. Plus he sent super fast. Recommended seller then.

  2. J***z

    Good shipping time, works very well on Quest 2. Eye! It’s a pretty thick cable! Annoying at some point; Playing Alyx with him is a sin. We must value very well if it is worth it, gain quality at the cost of losing freedom of movement. The good part too, is that as long as it is plugged in, the viewfinder is still charging, so play sessions can be longer.

  3. P***s

    Good quality.

  4. D***a


  5. K***a

    Cable is good. Insulation quality. The section is big. Oculus Quest 2 earned without problems. Speed in test 2,1. I connect, of course, USB 3.1gen2.

  6. G***o

    Por enquanto, funcionando bem. Parece robusto. Comprei o de 5m e está me atendendo bem. Recomendo!

  7. A***n

    With Oculus Quest 2 connected immediately. 2.7 Gb/sec. Thick.

  8. P***n

    Quickly arrived Oh, everything works well without complaints. Transfer rate shows 2.2

  9. Shopper

    Not sure if the cable is 3.1 or 3.0 but works like a charm with Oculus Link on the Quest 2

  10. J***o

    lo pruebe ya les dire, muy rápido y se ve de buena calidad.

  11. V***v

    Okulus showed speed 1.8GB

  12. E***a

    Approached, ordered 5 meters. Speed did not measure because while games and in the helmet itself are enough, the connection and did not reach the hands.

  13. O***l

    Works well with Quest2! Smelled strange at first, but now it is ok.

  14. E***o

    Delivered quickly. everything works. The test issued 1.9 Gbps. The cable is thick and you have to remember to fix it. The difference in the picture compared to the usual WiFi did not notice. The router gives out 867 Mbps (keenetic air). In short, it would be better to buy a router with a WiFi from 1200 Mbps (okulus Quest 2 no longer can).

  15. N***v

    At the first connections, the okulus test was defined as USB 2.0 and connected to different ports of the system. After reboot on all checks, the speed is from 2 to 2.4 Gb/s, the operation experience is a couple of weeks. Mechanically with the cable there are no problems, moved at the base of the plugs, does not fall off and does not affect the speed test in any way. The results of the first tests before the reboot-this is apparently some bug on the eyepieces. I saw a comment here, where a person had the same one-time bug at the first connection. I ‘ve never had that before. As a verdict cable norms, you can take.

  16. J***o

    A top quality product and the cable is thick and very tough

  17. V***v

    Everything came out without problems. A little crooked tracking and in Russia for a long time.
    In the kit only cable, no documentation, minimum equipment. The cable itself is quite light.

  18. A***a

    Came for a week, there are no complaints about quality, I have not tried the case yet

  19. V***v

    1.8-1.9 скорость. С квест два все отлично работает

  20. A***v

    Скорость хорошая. Однозначно брать

  21. M***o

    The cable works perfectly with Oculus. Very fast delivery

  22. D***M

    An excellent cable, thick, connectors are good, with an elastic band, it is well decided at the helmet. I would add filters to the cable. Delivered IML in 3 days. Which is interesting for 3.1 USB issued 4.6 Gbps, and for 3.2 issued only 2.2. Probably something with the port, I’ll figure it out. Alyx is just stunning, not a kind of VD. It is not as convenient as on waffle, but the quality is simply different.

  23. D***n

    Delivery before the deadline, the track was tracked. Everything was connected without problems. I recommend definitely

  24. B***.

    The wire is like norms, but somehow the connection is interrupted constantly. Tried through all possible ports from 3.0 on the system, and still there are connection breaks. It is possible that in some position, when moving, contact is broken, although the wire is fixed in the socket quite firmly.

    I will try again, and if I do not forget, and something will turn out, I’ll add a comment later.

  25. Shopper

    Everything works well, it came quickly

  26. C***e

    Now that is a thick cable. Have not tried out as the quest is not here yet. But should work.

  27. O***a

    Cable is thick. I do not know if these originals are sick, but okulus Quest 2 is suitable and working. The test in the program runs, SteamVR starts.

  28. v***n

    The order came in 16 days to Belgorod! I ‘ve been tracking all the time.
    The cable very much helped me out after buying a VR system.
    The official program sees it without any complaints.
    Don’t forget, the cable need to be inserted into USB 3.0, otherwise the transfer rate will not be very good.

  29. A***n

    The cable looks solid, delivery is extra fast for Asia .. The 18th ordered, 26 already got on hand!) By tests issued 1.9 Gbps USB 3.0 in the Oculus test.

  30. I***a

    Came in 20 days. It’s perfect.

  31. J***a

    2.3 gbps on Oculus Link. For games where latency is essential is much better than Virtual Desktop. The cable is very good quality. It has a stable connection up to a usb extension that I put in to get better access. Good Shopping

  32. F***z

    We have to try it, but the shipment has been super fast, just a week to arrive

  33. U***n

    The goods came to Yakutsk in 28 days, it was well tracked, the producer of the requendus. The wire itself is quite thick, I will consider it a plus, until I tested, I will add a comment later

  34. A***.

    It took 18 days to arrive. The connection works well and cable very long. Highly recommended

  35. R***v

    The wire is thick, but soft. Delivery is unusually fast: exactly a week in Moscow.

  36. I***n

    The cable is good, USB 3.0, but here’s the speed on the Oculus tests is not very. Delivered in 20 days.

  37. S***v

    Delivery 2 weeks in Bryansk region Works but with Quest 2 speed in an area of 900 Mbps which is bad. They say that this is the problem of 27 helmet firmware and in the new version should fix. While 5 stars, because. I do not think it’s the cable. I’ll add a review when the helmet is updated.

  38. A***v

    It came quickly. Thank you.

  39. E***v

    Wire working. Quite thick and heavy. There’s enough speed. Okulus test showed 900 Mbps in 3.0 port

  40. A***t

    works perfect on Oculus Quest 2.

  41. A***v

    Fast shipping. Speed 1.9 shows. A worthy alternative to the original

  42. J***k

    works with oculus quest 2

  43. K***g

    It is an excellent cable that transmits data reliably and at the specified speed. perfect for playing PC VR games like Skyrim VR.

  44. d***l

    Good quality cable. Works fine with the quest 2

  45. A***v

    Went longer than the helmet itself, which had to pass customs.
    The wire itself is soft for its thickness, but without “wow” effect of course.
    We are vulnerable to twisting very much, the wire itself will rather be twisted than it will start to enter the “Rings”, which is not very good, so if you hang up your but in principle, he suits, I hope he will live for a long time. Type C looks strong, keeps well, USB regular 3.0. Showed 1.9g in the app Oculus, not much but quite enough on HL Alyx for example, I think with other games, too, there should be no problems. In the bitseiber with him to play is not convenient, he pulls the helmet sometimes, but it’s from how the helmet sits depends.

  46. K***v

    Подходит для Oculus Quest 2. Качество хорошее, кабель сидит плотно в гарнитуре.

  47. T***a

    The wire was delivered quickly to the terminal. With Quest 2 works well. I advise the goods and the seller.

  48. i***i

    All is well-the goods correspond, pleasantly surprised the packing and thickness (not thick)-as an original link. It came quickly, only a couple of days slower than plus. .. How to check in work-I’ll add on speed.

  49. V***a

    It came quickly, well packed.
    The cable itself is not yet testyla

  50. 9***9

    Came to Moscow region for two weeks speed 1,2
    Flight normal! I recommend to buy!

  51. A***x

    For one speed of delivery, you can already have 5 stars. I do not remember that at least once the parcel with Ali came in a week. The wire itself is not rigid, it bends well, the phone through it connected works normally. Okulus hasn’t come to check on him yet.

  52. B***i

    The goods were sent very quickly, the parcel came to Germany in 11 days!!! The cable, as for me, is so thick, but soft. Speed does not measure, charging goes. Quality is good.

  53. s***i


  54. A***o

    Delivery fast, all is well

  55. A***v

    90Hz and aliha on vidyuha 1060 goes at maximum

  56. B***h

    Super fast delivery, up to Moscow in 7 days from the moment of payment, the cord works, in tests produces 2.1-2.4 Gbps, with the appearance is made soundly, it serves a very I recommend to buy.

  57. A***n


  58. M***a

    5 meters, fast shipping. The test gives me 3gb.
    Absolutely recommended.

  59. A***n

    Came in 12 days to Peter, quickly. The connector in the helmet keeps very tight, plus there is a loop to fix better. Protested while only a couple of games-everything is fine there. How will the hands reach half-life: Alyx-I’ll add a review.

  60. D***n

    An excellent alternative to the original cable, which costs about 6 times more expensive. Yes, quite massive, thick as a standard antenna cable, but soft. Was wrapped with rings and perfectly straightened, does not want to curl. The only thing I worry about is that over time the USB jack in the helmet does not crumble. It will be necessary to think how to fix it on the head more reliably, so as not to shake at the connector.
    Shipped just instantly, within hours, and delivered in 11 days.
    With the seller you can have serious cases. =)

  61. E***v

    отличный товар, беру для VR клуба уже не первый раз, цена отличная, упакованно прекрасно, всегда есть заглушки и пакетики для транспортировки, велкро для фиксации. до этого брал 4 провода, уже полгода работают, нет проблем, взял ещё на запаску 2шт, мало ли, но тут их уж и так и сяк перекручивали, все нормально связь не пропадает, стабильно держит все, рекомендую

  62. B***v

    The cable is excellent, but with the appearance of an update with air link already makes no sense in this cable, unless the router you do not have wifi6

  63. D***n

    In the test issued 2.6 Gbps. The cable is a little thick, it will probably not be very comfortable to play with it. Ordered immediately when buying a helmet. I was not sure if air link was OK, but air link dragged, now Xs why I need this cable.

  64. D***a

    The cable works properly. Viva chile conchetumare and Asia too

  65. A***n

    Everything works, but the packaging came very crumpled.

  66. Shopper

    Working fine, for cheap.

  67. Y***a

    Прибыл в коробке, за 5 дней в Питер
    Работает отлично с oculus quest 2, тест пройден, играю уже месяц. Есть липучка, чтобы собрать ненужную длину. Или просто убрать.
    У нас перекупы этот же провод, даже картинки в их магазинах с али, хотят 3500 р, а оф провод вообще 10тр стоит
    Обожаю Али.

  68. l***s

    el cable es de muy buena calidad la verdad sorprende, aparte que tiene muy buenas velocidades para jugar sin problemas en unas oculus quest 2 en el pc recomendado

  69. M***v

    A good cable with enough speed for a comfortable game through the eyepiece link. Come quickly, everything is whole. No problem noticed

  70. A***a

    До Челябинска посылка дошла за три недели. Продавца рекомендую!

  71. A***v

    Кабель отличный!

  72. j***s

    muy buen cable grueso y duradero y largo. es perfecto

  73. B***v

    Very fast shipping, the cable is good, soft and thick, behind the back does not interfere, 2.8 Gbps via USB 3.0

  74. Shopper

    отлично и быстро, правда провод толстоват в сравнении с оригиналом

  75. A***o

    The cable has reached the Kaluga region in 8 days since the order. Came in a box and zip bag.
    When connected to Port 3.1 on the mainland MSI x470 gaming Plus, the test shows a bandwidth of 2 gigs. Norms

  76. A***o

    I order the second one, the cable is very good quality

  77. N***O

    Think more generously is long and that the goods price contrast nicer. Make you satisfied.

  78. A***o

    Excellent cable, I do not even know which one I order, probably the 8th or 9th. In the last orders began to come cables softer and slightly thinner than before. Very comfortable and at the same time work even longer than the first deliveries. To the seller of success, I will order more.

  79. R***v

    Connected, checked. It is better to use USB3 + technology there is a suspicion that the USB3.0 signal is straight bad. Although MB and the performance of the computer bottom, I still do not understand. Tried on two different comps, on a stronger with a more modern USB port, everything works fine. Checked for Half Life Alyx

  80. A***v

    As in the description has not yet checked. i will add

  81. A***k

    Pretty solid cable. Thick but flexible. Good connectors. Speed test with Oculus software shows 2.3 Gbps.

  82. D***v

    Good cable. Thick a little and attracts dust, but transmits 5 meters perfectly. 2.8 on yusb 3 Gen 2.

  83. J***a

    Good cable. The speed is high, according to the description. A little thick.

  84. D***v

    Works with Oculus Quest 2. heavy, pulls down glasses.

  85. R***r

    Very long, very thick, no, I did not mistake the review of the goods, I’m about The Wire, the purchase is satisfied

  86. A***n

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery quickly, came in a box and a package with a clasp, the box is a little crumpled, but everything is whole.
    While working without complaints, everything is fine.
    I did not expect, but the cable is quite thick, which is even good.

  87. A***v

    The goods went quickly. Quality is good. Conductivity in MB is excellent. Advise

  88. A***v

    The cord was sent on the first day, came to Belgorod in two weeks. The test is carried out by a helmet, everything corresponds to the description. The cord is tight, so it’s a little heavy, but it does not seem to me critical.

  89. I***h

    It came quickly (delivery in Russia), though in a stop. (I do not like dentists). The wire works normally.

  90. A***v

    Delivery to Volgograd in 6 days. The cable works with Oculus Quest 2, when the test produces a speed of 1.9 megabits (more than enough).

  91. c***c

    The wire works. There is a strap on the glasses for fastening. Now can play PC VR

  92. F***A

    Great product! Got 1,4Gbps
    fast delivery too

  93. I***n

    It came very quickly-in three days.
    The cable is thick, but it bends normally, it holds tight in the ports. In active games has not yet tried.
    Test issues 2.4 Gbps

  94. T***n

    In general, the cable is good. Especially when you take into account its price. To work there are no complaints, in the time that on the PC, that in the helmet comes without problems. The only two aspects are the smell after unpacking and the total thickness of the cable, the photo can see a comparison with the thickness of the cable okulus for charging the helmet.

  95. E***v

    Sent quickly, delivered quickly, the cable works. On Oculus I can not check yet, but the phone is successfully determined by the computer

  96. M***v

    The cable is good, dense, 5 meters is enough without problems. Slightly adds the weight of the entire design.

  97. A***v

    Air link so far works through one place, so I had to buy this product. The cable fully corresponds to the description. Everything works. The cable itself is here of the usual diameter, there are of course options on the site and thinner, but it’s reliable! Have a good game in VR!

  98. S***v

    Came up

  99. Shopper

    Все дошло за несколько дней. Работает отлично, скорость 2,1

  100. A***v

    The wire is certainly thick-although not hard. For games from the computer yet did not use and on charging norms-during games there is a charge more than the expense and even charges

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