CHICHODO Makeup Brush-2021 New Amber Series Carved

(91 customer reviews)



CHICHODO Makeup Brush-2021 New Amber Series Carved


(91 customer reviews)

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Additional information

Brand Name


Number of Pieces

One Unit



Brush Material

Goat Hair





Used With

Sculpting Brush

Handle Material

Wood, solid wood

Item Type

Makeup Brush

Hair Material

goat hair


Laser carved aluminum tube

Hair Length


Hair Width


Overall Length


Suitable skin types


91 reviews for CHICHODO Makeup Brush-2021 New Amber Series Carved

  1. M***a

    Makeup Brush-2021 New Amber series from the chichodo store brush made of natural goat nap. Recommend> 9jljmm cool brush design just a grade wood handle on it has a brand store. The pile of the brush is soft, which will allow you to apply cosmetics with pleasure. The brush came in a branded box in the package and on the brush itself is wearing a mesh cover. Such a brush can be purchased as a gift because it looks original. Without hesitation take delivery fast

  2. a***r

    I ordered brushes for make-up. Came well packed, delivery fast. PublicaLog was polite and answered questions.
    The brushes are good. Came in a box and a grid.
    Makeup is good. Comfortable very much. It is convenient to dry and wash in the net.

  3. a***r

    Nice brushes. For make-up is convenient. Thank you seller. Answered questions.

  4. I***h

    Brush of luxury quality, which gives me pleasure in using.
    Great for blush and for any powder: loose, compact or in balls.
    Delivered in an individual box with a brand logo.
    Inside is additionally protected by a mesh and a bag.
    It is nice to purchase such a brush for both yourself and a gift.

    Brush material: goat wool.
    Filling is dense, the brush is fluffy and soft.
    Handle material: natural wood.
    This brush after washing has spread even more, even the volume has increased.
    Wood brush handle with metal clip and brand logo.
    The metal thief is solid, does not bend, has a beautiful engraving.
    The brush is very beautiful, high-quality and comfortable.
    Thank you.

  5. V***a

    Nice brush. Well carries and shakes the remedy. The pile is really natural. Delivered quickly. Recommend.

  6. s***s

    Товар долетел до меня за две недели,посылка отслеживать до получения .Упакован был в фирменную коробку . кисть стоит очень дёшево по сравнению с нашими ценами в косметических магазинах , но качество ничуть не хуже, так что я не вижу смысла переплачивать и все свои кисти заказываю у этого магазина, ещё не разу меня не подвёл . Доставка быстрая, стоимость их низкая , а качественно очень хорошее. Кисть мягкая ,аккуратная , не колючая с безумно простым , но одновременно красивом дизайном. Рукоятка деревянная . Кисть хорошо набита ворсом. После мытья ворс не выпал, они не линяют. Товар я вам очень рекомендую

  7. M***r

    Unrealistic brush made of natural pile

    Just one brush, and how much delight it is very good.
    It is made of natural goat pile very soft does not shed, it grows perfectly.

    It came very pleasantly decorated in a branded box, in individual salafan and grid.

    This brush is designed for the cheekbones to make a sculptor made of blush and highlighter.

    The wooden handle is very convenient to hold in your hand.

    Brush good recommend definitely

  8. H***o

    I took two brushes for a test-the quality is chic!!!! In general, in this store, the most beautiful and quality brushes, I buy for a long time and very satisfied. It is very convenient to use such brushes! These just works of art-while left for photos, very cool look

  9. V***D

    Excellent brush is well stuffed, very soft! Delivery fast! Recommend!

  10. А***а

    Профессиональная кисть для макияжа. Кисть из натурального козьего ворса, очень мягкая и удобная в использовании, не травмирует ваше лицо. Ей очень хорошо наносить пудру, кисть идеально растушёвывается, мне очень понравилась. Цена за такую крутую кисть в три раза дешевле, чем в любом проф магазине или рынке. Кисть очень густая и ворса на ней очень много, будет долго радовать вас в своей работе. Деревянная ручка, а так же гравировка надписи магазина. Кисть недорогая, функции свои выполняет. Быстрая доставка! Рекомендую!

  11. E***a

    New Amber series carved tube hair animal makeup brushes-natural goat nap brush. Brush for sculpting the face or for applying blush.

  12. E***

    Крутая кисть. Ручка из дерева, плотный ворс, отлично тушует не лезет Кисть была в пакета и сетке. Заказала сразу 2, пришли в фирменной коробке. Доставка до Тамбовской области около 15 дней. Всем советую. Лучший магазин бюджетных кистей

  13. P***t

    Beautiful brush. Very soft.

  14. A***a

    Kivoshki Duzhe class, vigosleni on 100% yakisno Duzhe is zasten Nim natural pile for the robot I recommend)

  15. E***A

    I love it from PublicaLog to order, because he always answers my questions and quickly sends the order.

    The brushes are well packed, came intact.
    A box, though from a dense cardboard, but still nice))
    Looks like a brush, as in the picture.
    As I did not doubt even.
    The handle is beautiful, like wooden. But even more beautiful clip with hieroglyphs. In general, externally brush fire! They look expensive.
    The details are not shattering.
    The brush is well-stuffed. Perfectly suited for applying a sculptor. For dry textile she.
    Pile is straight soft.

    Before use, I washed the brush. All OK. The pile is in place. I didn’t.

    I’m happy with the purchase. Your money costs a brush!

  16. K***a

    Кисть легкая, мягкая, очень приятная! Набита идеально. Рекомендую к покупке.

  17. V***a

    Delivery month, with tracking and notification. Stunning brush, soft, beautiful, quality. Packed in brashgard and a box. For such a cost-just a bomb. Be sure to take)) thanks to PublicaLog, I’m delighted

  18. J***a

    Makeup Brush Set
    Ordered two brushes
    Brushes came each in an individual package, in a protective grid to ensure that the villi are not changed and not damaged. Plus in carton
    I really liked the brushes with the help of which you can apply haĭlaĭter, powder and blush. The pile is very soft. On the skin it feels very nice. Hair is very thick and does not crumble, do not stick out in different directions and smooth and even.
    Handles are wooden, Brown, not painted natural wood, it looks just awesome such a set can be safely given as a gift! Certainly recommend to buy # PublicaLog

  19. A***a

    I ordered two brushes from PublicaLog at once, one for applying a tone, and another for applying a blush.
    Brushes really liked, executed qualitatively.
    On the pile of the brushes is wearing a protective tight cover, and on another protective mesh. The brushes themselves lie in a black box.
    The pile is soft, but dense, stuffed well.

    Brush for blush is made of natural goat wool, and the handle is made of natural wood.
    By weight is light, in the hand it is convenient to hold and work for her.
    The brush does not fade and does not climb, it will last a long time.
    Executed qualitatively, the handle of the brush lies pleasantly in the hand.
    The brushes can be washed in a soap solution, then thoroughly washed, without pressing to put dry in a horizontal position on the towel.

    Delivery took about a month.
    Track number was tracked.
    Arrived in the bag well packed.

  20. PublicaLog Shopper

  21. E***a

    Кисть для нанесения румян и хайлайтера. Пока взяла на пробу одну, но сейчас уверена, что закажу ещё. Кисть отличного качества, из натуральной козьей шерсти и деревянной ручки. На ручке выгравировано название магазина. Сама кисть скошена, шерсть плотная, не линяет. Кисть пришла в картонной коробке и была обтянута сеткой. Доставка до Казани 18 дней. Всем приятных покупок.

  22. N***a

    Excellent brush for applying blush or bronzer.
    Pile is a natural goat. Soft, tightly stuffed. Brush fluffy and soft.
    Handle made of natural wood + there is very beautiful engraving.
    Delivery-10 days to Moscow.
    To buy I recommend!

  23. s***S

    Brush of goat pile.
    Suitable for applying powder and growing blush.

    The brush is tightly stuffed, when washing the villi did not fall out.
    Villi are beveled in one direction, which is very convenient for applying makeup.

    The handle of the brush is made of wood, there is an engraving of the name of the store.
    Packed in a branded box.
    Shipping fast.
    I recommend to buy.

  24. D***n

    Кисть для макияжа мне понравилась, пришла в упаковке и в защитной сеточке чтобы ворсинки не повредились. С помощью кисти очень удобно наносить румяна, пудру, тональный крем даже ею наношу.Ворс очень мягкий ощущения на коже приятные. Волос очень густой и не сыпется.Ручка деревянная,коричневого цвета, очень круто смотрится, а также подойдёт на подарок. Продавец общительный, отправил все вовремя ответил на все интересующие вопросы, перед отправкой.

  25. A***a

  26. O***a

  27. E***a

  28. M***a

  29. N***h

    Brush is just excellent quality!
    Pile natural goat, stuffed tightly. Hair does not fit at all. No hair came out of it.
    The pile is insanely soft, very pleasant to the touch.
    The brush is suitable for applying dry products: Sculptor, bronzer, blush, etc.
    Comes a brush in a presentable box, in protection.
    It can be safely taken for a gift!
    The handle is wooden. It is written brand.
    On the metal part is engraving from the monogram. It looks very original!
    The quality of performance is simply on top!
    Previously ordered a brush of this brand for applying a tonal base. Now my favorite brush. I took this one to her in a couple. The quality is excellent!
    Shipping fast. The parcel was tracked.
    To buy strongly recommend!
    More photos-i n s t / v K-reshka_nastya, unpacking-YouTube-nastya_resh

  30. C***o

    Exactly as I expected. It took a month to arrive

  31. E***a

    Кисть #CHICHODO Качественный бренд кистей, достойное оформление – фирменная коробка, гравировки на ручке, а также хорошее качество. Мягкие и приятные на ощупь. Доставка в течение двух недель до Волгограда, трек отслеживается, не повредилась в пути. Рекомендую. Подробнее на моем PublicaLog блоге – frangiranse

  32. g***g

    Ordered on April 4, delivered to Ukraine on April 20. The photo will not support them here enough. Normal brush. It’s too light for me. The pile is soft until the First Division wash, then harder to become. For this money it is normal, but not more

  33. O***k

    The brush came to Ukraine in three weeks, delivery by a new mail. the brushes in this store are super, it’s not the first in my cosmetic bag, it looks great.
    Wooden handle, carved tube, 180mm length, 33mm pile width, stuffed pile is not sprinkle and clean well.
    I recommend to buy.

  34. И***а

    Brush Super, very satisfied, quality at altitude, PublicaLog I order a second time. thank you.

  35. K***a

    Makeup brush made of goat hair. Soft, absolutely not prickly pile. I love brushes from chichodo. They are always tight and straight cut. It’s a pleasure to use it.
    Feed at the level-in the branded packaging, and the brush itself in the grid, which prevents the deformation of the pile. Wooden handle, beautiful engraving. I recommend definitely

  36. PublicaLog Shopper

  37. K***n

    Brush great quality, carefully made. Horsehair extremely soft. Shopping U this Seller-also the highest level. Super contact, fast delivery.

  38. S***o

  39. D***z

  40. S***o

  41. V***s

  42. V***a

  43. v***v

    The parcel was delivered quickly, track number was tracked all the way. Packed brush in a branded box and postal bag.
    Looks brush presentable, you can safely buy as a gift.
    Workmanship, as always on top.
    Pile-natural goat, dense, does not fit.
    The design of the brush really liked, there is a branded engraving.
    The brush lies comfortably in the hand, perfectly shakes and puts cosmetics.
    I liked the brush, I recommend to buy!

  44. N***a

    Brush Super! Packed in a branded box like previous buyers. I do not see the point of taking a photo… That’s enough. To PublicaLog my best wishes and successful sales!

  45. D***a

    Love this brush! Very soft for dyed goat hair! This is a great multipurpose brush!

  46. R***r

  47. H***a

  48. А***а

    Brush for applying blush or powder
    Very good, I liked it, it was executed qualitatively. The handle of the brush is made of natural wood. Brush length 147mm, Pile length 33mm.
    On the handle there is a branded inscription of the manufacturer.
    The brush is very soft, tightly stuffed, the pile does not crumble, does not push, the glue does not stick out anywhere. It looks very expensive!!!
    Pile-natural goat wool, to the touch pleasant. On the brush, a protective mesh cover is attached, so that the brush does not fluffy, as well as the brush is packed in a plastic individual bag.
    Delivery took about 2,5 weeks. Track number was tracked. To buy definitely recommend!

  49. V***a

    Крутая Кисть, приятная а нанесение продукта. Нет запаха, мягкая и удобная. Я рекомендую.

  50. R***r

  51. V***a

    Brush with natural goat pile for applying highlighter/blush/bronzer. Now I order all the brushes from them.

    The order came in 2 weeks in a branded box, but it crumpled during transportation.

    The handle is wooden, the pile is stuffed tightly, does not shed.

    I liked it very much, as it distributes dry cosmetics, it is evenly distributed over the brush. Well shakes on the skin. The pile is soft and does not scratch.

    To buy I recommend and advise you to look at the entire assortment of the store.

  52. N***n

    Soft, I will test in work) came to Moscow quickly

  53. C***c

  54. N***a

  55. PublicaLog Shopper

  56. D***a

    Natural and very soft brush.
    Pile from her real goat
    During my period of use, it did not shed.
    I don’t even think there’s a single hair out of it.
    So everything is well done.

    The pile is stuffed tightly and it is very pleasant to the touch.
    Especially when you make up, it’s nice to work with such a brush
    This brush is suitable for blush/highlighter/sculptor
    Cosmetics are applied simply delicious.

    The handle of the brush is made of wood with a brand logo.
    Very pleased with the design of the metal thief with beautiful engraving.

    The brush came in a beautiful factory packaging.
    The box is so beautiful that it will fit as a gift
    Also on the brush there was a rubber mesh, so that during transportation it did not flinch.

    Recommend this product
    It’s the best brush I ‘ve ever had.

  57. K***a

    Yay, finally found a cool brush for the blusher highlighter and sculptor.
    Just look how it tightly dials the product, easily carries and perfectly extinguishes, leaving no stains.
    Branded packaging. Natural goat wool, and wood handle

  58. L***a

    Brush delight! I’ll take the rest. I recommend to everyone

  59. L***n

    Quality is just space

  60. A***a

  61. V***a

    Makeup brush made of new Amber series, has a wooden handle with brand logo, with metal engraving. the chichodo brush is made of natural pile, it is designed to apply the ball on the Easy to apply, clean well and does not fall asleep, the pile is dense, fluffy. Excellent brush quality! Convenient to use! This is my second purchase in the store. I recommend to buy! Delivery to Ukraine 3 weeks, shipped quickly.

  62. K***A

    профессиональная кисть беру уже не в первый раз у продавца эти кисти и всегда остаюсь довольна) у меня подруга проф визажист, она оценила кисти на 100%из 100) начну с упаковки – это фирменная коробочка, в которой упакована кисть в специальный чехол, чтобы кисточка не пушилась. с такой упаковкой можно смело брать в подарок ! сама кисть очень красивая! ручка выполнена из дерева, на котором выгравирована надпись бренда, ворс кисти – козья шерсть, весь натуральный ворс отлично подходит для сухих текстур (румяна, пудра , хайлайтер и т.д.) кисть плотно набита, не сыпется , ворс мягкий, приятный тактильно , не колется доставка до республики Беларусь заняла месяц, трек отслеживается полностью

  63. E***a

    Pet brushes

    As always I order my favorite brushes and share them with you!!!)

    Chic quality

    I love PublicaLog, fast delivery!!)

  64. E***a

  65. K***B

    Brush for applying blush, powder, highlighter.
    Brushes are packed in an individual bag, mesh and in a box.
    The pile is soft, tightly stuffed. Brushes are hypoallergenic. Handles made of wood, comfortable.
    Stylish Design, on the wooden part is printed logo. cool brushes, fit as a gift!

  66. Y***k

  67. M***a

    Brush super, I recommend PublicaLog and the goods. I liked very much, the quality is excellent, stuffed very well, beautifully made.

  68. V***a

    Very like

  69. Y***k

    INST: @ julia_heartbeat

    I really like brushes from this collection. They are soft, high-quality, pleasant and beautiful. Came in a branded box and grid. Dimensions: pile-33mm, handle-147mm. Materials-goat wool, metal, wood. The brush is convenient to hold in your hand, thanks to a wooden handle. The pile is very soft and pleasant. Quality is perfect!
    The pile is tight. A little beveled. All the details are perfectly designed, so the brush looks presentable. You can collect a set to use yourself or someone to give.

  70. A***a

  71. m***r

  72. PublicaLog Shopper

  73. S***d

    A wonderful brush. Having received, immediately began to use and very satisfied. Conveniently lies in the hand, due to the handle made of natural wood. Pile of goat, fluffy and elastic. The shape resembles the wing of the hoe and the touch from it are as soft and pleasant! A beautiful and high-quality product. Delivery to Moscow only 10 days. Recommend❤️

  74. PublicaLog Shopper

  75. T***a

    A cool and high-quality brush made of soft natural pile.
    ✔The brush has a fairly dense, fluffy pile. A little beveled. This is very convenient for smooth application of loose textures.
    ✔Material of the Brush: natural goat. Soft and pleasant.
    ✔️Pile does not climb!!!
    ✔The brush has a convenient handle made of natural wood.
    ✔It is a pleasure to use such a brush
    ✔Looks expensive brush, so you can safely take for a gift!

  76. g***s

  77. PublicaLog Shopper

  78. v***v

    Nice, beautiful brush. Soft. Makes a beautiful blush.

  79. L***a

    Quality brush. I use for contour

  80. R***r

    Hi everybody! Delivery fast, track tracked. Packing in air box. Inside the brush in its branded packaging. You can safely give. Looks presentable. What is important is a brush of excellent quality. Tightly stuffed, pile does not climb. Does not cause allergies. Wooden handle with brand engraving. Carries and extinguishes perfectly!
    Cool, I recommend!

  81. y***r

  82. PublicaLog Shopper

  83. M***n

    I always order brushes from this store, an excellent combination of price-quality. The handle is made of wood. The brush is convenient to use, natural goat pile, very soft, pleasant to the touch.

  84. R***a

    The brushes of this company are the best of all that I tried. Pile natural, does not climb, washes well. I already buy the 4th brush of this brand. The quality and performance of the suite. Engraving beautiful, black chrome and wood. It’s a pleasure to use it! Packed perfectly! Thanks to PublicaLog!

  85. v***v

  86. В***р

    you just won’t find better brushes
    excellent quality, well applied cosmetics, very pleasant to the touch and pleasant to the face
    I recommend working with the store
    PublicaLog is very sociable fast delivery
    I recommend to everyone

  87. D***u

  88. K***i

    Beveled brush.
    This brush is designed to form a line of cheekbones.
    In other words, with the help of this brush, you can apply a blush or bronzer and thus highlight the line of cheekbones.
    Pile goat, very soft and pleasant. Well distributes blush.
    The base of the brush is made of natural wood, it is very convenient to hold in your hand.
    Plus this brush really looks expensive. Very nice and luxurious looks on the dressing table.

  89. V***a

    The brush is made of natural pile, designed for the sculptor. Very beautifully decorated, nice to hold it in your hands. The handle is made of natural wood, perfectly polished, in the center of the brand logo. Pile soft pleasant on tactile feeling, does not fall asleep. The quality is fine, I have nothing to complain about, packed presentable, suitable and as a gift. Delivery two weeks.

  90. M***t

  91. l***a

    кисти из этой серии очень впечатлили меня, собираю всю коллекцию)))
    продавец общительный отправили быстро, доставка заняла 10днейдо Москвы.
    пришло в брендированной коробке.
    рекомендую обеими руками.
    кисти качественные.

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