CHASTE BIRD 2021 New Male Chastity Device HT

(100 customer reviews)



CHASTE BIRD 2021 New Male Chastity Device HT


(100 customer reviews)
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100 reviews for CHASTE BIRD 2021 New Male Chastity Device HT

  1. V***k

    Schvidko is a trimav. There’s no defect. Користуюсь, and hour покаже. Uncle;)

  2. PublicaLog Shopper

    It is convenient of course that the minimum of details, but not enough yet. And the ring is uncomfortable to wear when it is whole

  3. PublicaLog Shopper

    I have to say is that this fetish life is not good. Bought this product and threw out the same day. am not questioning the product quality, but the reasons of the wearer. So hope never give this type temptation.

  4. PublicaLog Shopper

    Hands down, the most comfortable chastity device that i’ve ever tried before. Nothing to complaint about it. Very fast shipping to Indonesia too.

  5. PublicaLog Shopper

    Très bien deux arrêtes à poncer elle est confortable et restrictive arriver très rapidement

  6. PublicaLog Shopper

    Не помешает перед использованием зачистить края наждачной бумагой.

  7. J***n

    As described. Shipped next day, delivered in NL 15 days after order. Packaging and label were discrete (“plastic crafts”). Most comfortable HT version yet, and locking mechanism is much better than HTv3 (where the tube would sometimes come lose from the ring), although HTv2 had the best lock. Due to the shape and placement of the rings in relation to the tube, the rings of v4 fit slightly tighter than the rings of the v2 and v3. I recommend PublicaLog.

  8. PublicaLog Shopper

    Need to file some rough edges with sandpaper. Except for that, excellent quality for the price.

  9. H***o

    Meçam bem seu brinquedo, pois vou ter que comprar o maior agora!

  10. PublicaLog Shopper

    Good product, comfortable fit.
    As described. Well packed. Fast shipping.
    Flimsy pouch, but didn’t expect any at all.

  11. PublicaLog Shopper

    had a slight issue with the item. seller responded quickly and was able to resolve. recommend

  12. K***l

    Excellent goods, everything corresponds to the description! Neatly packed, there is a handbag where everything is then folded, nothing is spoiled, very convenient, it came in 2 weeks! Advise!

  13. S***B

    got the nano, fits great. surprisingly comfy. smooth operation. watch for sharp edges as always and file down.
    love it.

  14. E***d

    Perfect apart some molding sharps that need 1000 grade sandpaper to remove

  15. B***n

    I have worked with PublicaLog for many years by now. Ordering is done quickly and smoothly, delivery time range from acceptable to lighting fast. Products are high quality and never had any issues with incorrect delivery or damaged goods.

  16. PublicaLog Shopper

    Very good, improved design and more comfortable.

  17. PublicaLog Shopper

    More comfortable than V3. Recommend.
    Largest ring on V4 is slightly smaller.
    Some mould marks needed filing.

  18. R***r

    PublicaLog handsome on the request to report a 55mm ring after placing an order and payment, reported without problems and free
    Everything came in the post office, anonymous, everything is whole, in the box is not Meato, all in the branded case

  19. j***r

    Reçu complet, très bonne qualité et finitions soignées.

  20. b***r

    Hurts a bit in longer wear, cage starts to slip forward putting stress on the scrotum and leads to irritation of the skin.

  21. PublicaLog Shopper

    Due to the wide ring it is more convenient to wear than other cage

  22. PublicaLog Shopper

    When i measured my ring size it was supposed to be a little bit over 50mm. When i got the product it turns out i actually fit the 36mm ring and i am comfortable with 40mm. Good thing it comes with multiple size rings. Needa a bit of sanding on the rings where the tube slides on because of sharp edges. Overall good quality for the price.

  23. PublicaLog Shopper

    The best belt of all. In another store I took a plastic one-the ears of the ring broke stupidly. V3 some undressed. Everything is provided here! Thank you. By the way, the reviews like mine, also read and they helped me.

  24. PublicaLog Shopper

    My first P/V. No experience. The biggest ring from the set like a pull. The member is not big, the riser is 18 cm.

  25. S***a

    perfeito, ótima qualidade!
    comprei o segundo tamanho (do menor para o maior) e realmente é bem pequeno mas deu certo pq peguei a argola maior.

  26. g***r

    Packaging at the top
    Fast shipping

  27. PublicaLog Shopper

    nice and good Quality

  28. PublicaLog Shopper

    Awesome product. Feels sooo good!!

  29. J***r

    Very good quality, good wearing comfort

  30. K***i

    Wszystko w porządku. Zabawne, jest tak wygodna, że prawie nie czuć jak ogranicza wzwód… zostanę z nią na dłużej. Istotny jest fakt, że jest to moja pierwsza klatka. Naprawdę polecam, jak nie spróbujesz nie dowiesz się jakie to uczucie 😉

  31. PublicaLog Shopper

    Everything is fine! Beautiful packaging. 4 rings included.

  32. PublicaLog Shopper

    The quality is excellent, never used this before, personally it seemed to me not comfortable could not put it comfortably, but I do not have experience wearing at all.

  33. PublicaLog Shopper

    Everything is fine, but the size is not enough. This is not the fault of PublicaLog or manufacturer. So physiology… But let’s try. Cage convenient

  34. M***a

    very comfortable to wear, much better than the V3 model, the V4 ring is very nice fitting. can wear for a long time comfortably

  35. PublicaLog Shopper

    very good product. as reviews say sharp edges need sanded but satisfied

  36. PublicaLog Shopper

    Super fast delivery! Had to file down the sharp corners before trying it out, outstanding product overall.

  37. PublicaLog Shopper

    good, but its not bright pink. more white pink

  38. I***a

    It’s probably going to be the best belt I have and I have a few is very comfortable
    In addition PublicaLog is super attentive and friendly highly recommended

  39. d***t

    Very Good and very fast, super fast!!! i’m very satisfied, this was my second order by PublicaLog, and very good both. thnk’s

  40. M***s

    The quality is excellent, I think that the most convenient model. Includes additional rings of different diameters. The parcel came quickly. Recommend!

  41. V***v

    Довольно хороший товар. Выглядит крепким. Продавец по просьбе положил большое кольцо и не вместо какого-то другого а просто дополнительно. За это отдельное спасибо.

  42. PublicaLog Shopper

    Thank you

  43. PublicaLog Shopper

    Super. Very cool packing in handbag

  44. PublicaLog Shopper

    Came in a nice plastic bag with a zipper lock. The lock was of nicer quality than the previous versions.
    I did purchase a sheet of 240 grit sandpaper ahead of time, and used it to sand down the edges. There were some around the outside and inside, but they were easily sanded down.

    It was shipped quickly, but arrived a couple of months later. Shipment times have been fluctuating. I don’t blame PublicaLog for this.

    Very comfortable. There is a smell, but I don’t find it offputting.

  45. j***n

    The product is as described. Some sanding might be required in sharper edges but for me it was possible to use the product without sanding. All rings are included. keys and lock are of good quality and all is delivered in a plastic carrying pouch with zipper.

  46. PublicaLog Shopper

    Good shape, nice color. Overal; satisfied

  47. PublicaLog Shopper

    Quality looks good. Discrete shipping in cardboard box and items declared as “plastic craft tools”.

  48. PublicaLog Shopper

    So far an improvement over the previous versions of this chastity cage

  49. PublicaLog Shopper

    Outer side lightly for sharp part long one day, knife cut smooth edges, and more. Comfortable and good!

  50. PublicaLog Shopper

    Just like the description. Excellent Product

  51. PublicaLog Shopper

    The quality is really good, absolutely better than the model ht-v3, really comfortable. I recommend the product and the shop

  52. PublicaLog Shopper

    This is the best store in this area! Recommend at 100%!
    10 days delivery!

  53. PublicaLog Shopper

    I can’t say anything because somebody stole it from my postbox

  54. PublicaLog Shopper

    The package arrived on time. The product works as expected, is packed in a small bag. I ordered the nub and it’s tight but comfortable. It could take 24/7 but by the smell it requires taking it out and cleaning it Daily

  55. M***s

    perfect very good
    nice packaging it was late a bit but ok

  56. PublicaLog Shopper

    Интересный пояс. у меня была вторая версия, этот по сравнению с ней очень удобен. обтачиаать ничего не пришлось, наверное дядюшка Ляо читает внимательно комменты и делает выводы. посыль пришёл дней за 10. Что дальше, покажет время. пока что нравится.

  57. PublicaLog Shopper

    very comfortable, have had it on for 3 days now and there’s been no pinching or tugging

  58. PublicaLog Shopper

    Quick shipping, item received in excellent condition, exactly as shown.

  59. PublicaLog Shopper

    Пришел за 11 дней, упаковка картонная коробка! Написано детали для рукоделия.
    Пояс удобнее, чем cb-6000 для ношения, кстати продавец положил дополнительно 55 мм кольцо, за что отдельное спасибо!
    Надевать эту штуку очень не удобно, в отличии от cb, но хочу заметить, когда он надет он куда удобнее и надежнее последнего. Поносим – посмотрим.

  60. T***D

    Ordered 09-04, delivered 21-04 in The Netherlands. discrete and well packaged. I can absolutely recommend PublicaLog and the product!

  61. A***S

    Works really well. The fit is comfortable. A little bit of sharp edges in the base of the member cover, but you can smooth it with sand papper very easily

  62. M***z

    He arrived earlier than expected.
    Perfect fit, just soak in hot water for adjustment. New resin, seamless. Excellent orgasm container.

  63. A***x

    There is a Luft where the lock, where the cage comes together with the ring from the top

  64. A***n

    More convenient than HT-2, but the rings are as if less. I like it, I recommend it. Although I have not been able to spend more than two days yet

  65. s***s

    Much more comfortable than v2. But still it is necessary to finalize the Emery, and it would be good to ring 48mm. 45 is not enough and 50 is too much.

  66. PublicaLog Shopper

    <2en> the lock closes hard, but otherwise it’s good

  67. P***d

    The chastity device is very comfortable and has a nice fit. Unfortunately, after a while the ring starts bending on the upper side and the lock will come off.

  68. PublicaLog Shopper

    On the rings from below there is uneven after casting, I had to sharpen a little

  69. PublicaLog Shopper

    I have big balls, I’ve tried to use cb6k, cb6ks, and all other stuff but all those not suitable for me. here this chaste bird ht v4 is the most fit to use and comfortable. nice products

  70. PublicaLog Shopper

    I rounded edges and vertices of the ring because there are very sharped.
    The standard size are not so long, I will order the maxi…
    Need to lubricate lightly to put the ring on.

  71. C***r

    Definitely the best chastity cage in my collection. Easy to use and doesn’t hurt while wearing it over longer periods of time. The different ring sizes are surely a big plus.

  72. PublicaLog Shopper

    Fast Delivery
    High quality product
    Very satified
    Will buy again

  73. PublicaLog Shopper

    Great goods! Come quickly! Quality enough. Already put on, like a comfortable…

  74. E***e

    <2en> excellent setting up .. very effective for the plot that I am

  75. PublicaLog Shopper

    Everything is perfect, at a size of 16 cm, the standard is the most, in a set of many different rings

  76. PublicaLog Shopper

    very nice, got the small version. going for a week in.

  77. M***y

    The ring has babes but they don’t hurt. It is very comfortable, highly recommended. The small is something big for me, then I’ll go get the nub.

  78. R***r

    Very convenient cell (resin from heat takes the necessary form), pleased with the closure mechanism, security at the level. PublicaLog and the goods fully recommend, although on the rings there are very sharp places, they need to be treated with Emery.

  79. PublicaLog Shopper

    4 weeks for delivery, eh! that’s the way it is from Asia. item appears well made. For whatever reason I was expecting some flexibility but it is rigid. firm fit, seems quite comfortable, solid and not brittle. time will tell. It is only for intermittent play use so no big deal. thanks

  80. D***m

    Easy to put on, quite comfortable, unlike V3 which has so many sharp edges. Fast delivery, great product, definitely support seller more in the future.

  81. PublicaLog Shopper

    Everything was delivered as described. I am happy with my purchase.

  82. PublicaLog Shopper

    all is great. had to change address after order and seller helped me with that.

  83. PublicaLog Shopper

    <2en> very very very unpleasant smell if a person
    <2en> has no way to make her leave

  84. PublicaLog Shopper

    With big eggs problem)
    Подарю friend.

  85. B***f

    alles ok

  86. PublicaLog Shopper

    Excellent seller, I was able to change the ordered “hot” size after the order within a day through messages. Delivery is fast in fastness, packed in a cardboard box. For the size above, small is better to take a ring at 55mm.

  87. m***a

    item as described. arrived fairly quickly. as with all these knock offs sanding is required. fit is very comfortable. discreet under clothing. the lock does jiggle inside of the housing which makes some noise.. it seems to be an issue with v4. hopefully in the next model they will resolve the issue. i recommend PublicaLog!

  88. R***n

    Arrived before time. Extremly comfortable! I did not expect it to fit so well. Very nice for long term use. So good that I ordered one more in a different color and size. Highly recommended. Beware that there are some sharp edges on the plastic locking mechanism on the ring so you can cut yourself if you are not careful. Once the cage is in place the sharp edges are gone. I have 5-6 cages in both metal and plastic and this is by far my favourite.

  89. S***a

    I ordered a Regular Size, but PublicaLog shipped SMALL size, which turned to be even better for my cuckold hubby ! He is now put in his new tight cage for at least two weeks.. Will report after two weeks all our findings about this sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gear.

  90. b***r

    Great quality product. Came right and well packed.

  91. PublicaLog Shopper

    Began with the size of small. Penis 13 cm in the state of erection, when relaxing does not cover the cage completely. Took another Nano and nub. Nano is slightly better-the lumen is not big at all. Nub suppresses my penis completely. If your goal is feminization, then this is your choice. It should only be taken into account that you will have to gradually reduce the size of the Rings, and then the cells. Another nuance. NUB has understated, coming just to the area of the ring. It narrows the effective clearance. So it is possible that Wai will have to return the ring more, if your goal is not to get rid of the tisticles.

  92. S***i

    Amazing product very comfortable☺️

  93. PublicaLog Shopper

    Product looks great and feels smooth.

  94. R***r

    можно носить весь день и ездить на машине

  95. PublicaLog Shopper

    very good product very comfortable the best i have used and PublicaLog is excellent the product is identical to the ad and i am very satisfied

  96. PublicaLog Shopper


  97. PublicaLog Shopper

    На внутренней поверхности кольца заусенец по всему периметру, нужно обязательно убрать. место соединения кольца и основной детали с острыми краями. царапины оставляет сильные. тоже нужно обработать. про ношении не так сильно деформируется верхняя часть в которой замок. v4 по всем параметрам выигрывает у v3. размер v3 maxi я заменил на v4 standard получилось тесновато. нужно было брать maxi

  98. PublicaLog Shopper

    Everything is OK, but the plastic smells unpleasant. Perhaps the smell will fade over time.

  99. L***a

    Product complies with description. Fast shippment. Recommended

  100. D***v

    All OK! Fast shipping!

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