100% New Original NCR18650B 3.7 v 3400mah

(100 customer reviews)



100% New Original NCR18650B 3.7 v 3400mah


(100 customer reviews)
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CE, None

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Batteries Only


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Replacement Battery


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100 reviews for 100% New Original NCR18650B 3.7 v 3400mah

  1. p***d

    <2en> on 20 battery:
    Average weight: 3371 mAh
    <2en> Minimum : 3300 mAh
    <2en> maximum : 3474 mAh
    <2en> charging intensity: 500 mAh
    <2en> discharge intensity: 250 mAh
    <2en> number of cycles : 1
    <2en> charger: LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500

  2. I***a

    Доставка почти 3 месяца. Наверное потому, что авиа не перевозят подобное…
    Аккумы с этим заказом на фото справа. Они чуть короче и с плоским контактом.

  3. S***o

    От такой долгой доставки выть хочется. 90 дней, что бы я ещё связывался с доставкой “Курьером”? Ни в жизнь. О товаре: – у меня к сожалению нет чем измерить ёмкость аккумуляторов, но на фото видно их вес.
    Вес аккумулятора 18650.
    В среднем вес подлинной батареи 18650 будет в среднем около 45 грамм и не менее 42 грамм. Некоторые подлинные 18650 аккумулятор могут весить более 50 грамм. Китайские поддельные аккумуляторы 18650 могут весить в среднем 35-32 грамм, а иногда и значительно меньше.
    Это вставка комментарий на аккумуляторы. Так что по весу совсем не плохо. Будем надеяться, что по ёмкости они не подведут.

  4. G***o

    3200mah invece che 3400mah ma molto buone grazie.

  5. M***z

    Shipping by the seller was quick, but it took a long time to arrive.

  6. M***k

    Delivery is not very fast, but the declared parameters correspond.

  7. f***r

    Очень странно, однако очень доволен. :))
    Нет не одной батарейки ниже 3400 у некоторых и вовсе по 3600!
    Не поверил сделал по 2 теста каждой..
    И затем записал на них их вместимость.

    Заодно проверил сопротивление в банках и тут тоже приятно удивлен все банки 29~32

    Купил их чтобы поменять банки в батарейках Милуоки м12, а там оказались 30q…
    Не знаю как будут вести себя эти вместе с 30q по этому просто соберу из 6-ти нср…

  8. V***v

    All affixed

  9. A***o

    Very long delivery, but in the end it came. Put on the tests in the charger. Charge current 1,0 amps, discharge current 0,5 amps. Results in the photo.
    In words. I ordered four batteries. The charge level was 34-37%. Voltage in 3,68 in. Weight 46,7 to 46,9 grams. At the first cycle, the charge-discharge-charge one of the batteries (N2) showed sad results-a capacity of less than a thousand milliamps. Upset, I wanted to open a dispute but decided to make three more cycles. As a result, all batteries have a capacity of more than 3400 Ma • H. After the fourth cycle, internal resistance shows between 17 and 20 million. So you can tell me got some decent copies.
    P.S. Used charging XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus, if for someone it is interesting

  10. I***V

    First time order returned to seller, he sent again, gave a new track, responsible seller!!!

  11. V***v

    Reached in 1,5 months. Tracked. Voltage on all 3,76v. Put in power bank -64%. Ëmbone approximately 3050 MA/h. Price-quality: acceptable. You can take it.

  12. E***v

    It would be all right, but it’s been a long time for two months. Because of the new year probably

  13. A***v

    Excellent elements ordered 8 pieces all have a capacity above the declared. With the exception of one issued 3266 but this is not very critical. Very satisfied with the quality, definitely recommend to buy!

  14. M***v

    Sent fast. It was 2 months, received at the post office. The capacity is more less consistent. Appearance, as in the picture. Packed just in box and package

  15. S***v

    To Moscow 40 days. On Tuesday, normal. The second pair on the charge, it is already clear that they are OK. How much do not know, but, definitely, I recommend!

  16. D***s

    It’s been a month, track tracking. The product is excellent both in appearance and characteristics: of course 3400 in them is not, but 3000-3100 is clear. I recommend to buy-cool batteries!

  17. M***v

    I’m happy with the product, but I do not remember that I communicate with him, the diode from the motorcycle device works on the battery drives, I’ll collect them in the box of of the

  18. V***v

    The order to Moscow reached a month and a half. All in a standard package, a Purp film, etc. Externally, the product fully corresponds to the description, in the work has not yet checked. A little later I’ll add a review. In general, everything is fine, the batteries came charged at 75%. In general, the first impression is positive. Thank you.

  19. P***h

    Got it! Went 1.5 months to Tomsk! As if it were from Mars flew and not from Asia drove! 5 percent charge, like original! Thank you seller! I will unsubscribe how they will work in the bank!

  20. R***r

    отлично продовца рекомендую всем акумуляторы заявленой ёомкост соответствует так держать удачи друг.

  21. I***y

    Чудові batteries. The track is reviews. That’s the big deal. Recommend!

  22. A***n

    I order not the first time from this seller, so
    That everything is super working, packed well. track tracking.

  23. O***V

    The capacity is higher than the declared on the charge and discharge.
    I recommend to buy.

  24. A***n

    Norms, heavy, keep the charge long, delivery month

  25. M***h

    Отличный продавец!Всё соответствует описанию доставка до Кемерово 40 дней но когда я делал заказ в Китае был Новый год по этому заказ отправили только после праздников.

  26. Y***v

    I take not the first time, normal batteries, I take for the Lantern, one put on the test (then unwrite), strene-7.7v.

  27. I***n

    42 days until Chelyabinsk. Packing standard.
    Good low-current batteries with a large capacity. I take not the first time.
    The current of the long load is 0.65a. Read the description of the seller.
    Took for 1143r ten

  28. V***v

    Good batteries, I take not the first time. Delivery about one month

  29. g***z

    Good batteries. capacity 3200-4 pcs. and 3150-2 pcs. with the seller did not communicate. thank you.

  30. V***v

    Went long 2 months to Perm. Tracking was weak and only on third-party Chinese sites. The batteries are similar to the original. The parameters are close to the declared +/-, there is a spread, the test discharge-charge, gave the capacity just below the declared, see. Photo. In the process of training, maybe a little straighten out

  31. P***n

    Delivered from Asia to St. Petersburg in 48 days. I order from this seller for the second time. Excellent batteries, everything corresponds to the description, were half charged. The first ordered two years ago, so far the flight is normal. Thank you seller!

  32. V***v

    A month about to Moscow. packed average, but everything is whole. Originality of course in doubt, but the physical parameters of the cells correspond to datachite. Infected to 3.8 V. All the cells are exactly the same. Capacity after first cycle 3200.

  33. d***v

    Very good batteries seller very well packed recommend seller and thank you very much seller

  34. E***v

    Batteries went exactly a month in Tomsk, all were charged 3.75V, took from this seller LG “chocolates” problems were not recruited the declared capacity, I think with these problems.

  35. Y***v

    Yr1035 + resistance showed 30 Mohm at all the same. Level 1a to 3 V showed 3 AH. (up to 2.5 V would give more. Lithium new always produces a little less than the declared. But after 5 bits must go to the declared ampere clock). The batteries are not high current, but high-intensity. At the end of the period (3 years or more) can warm up when charged. The goods are good. For a minimum of 4 PCs, and it is better to use 6 and more. They’ll last longer.

  36. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    Quality goods. I did not expect the only two months to reach the Caucasus

  37. S***a

    35 days, trekalol, 674,15 re, 4 PCs.
    Weight (+ \-) 46,3 gr./1 pc., 186,1 gr./4 PCs
    Diameter 18,5mm, height 65mm.
    Most of the “questions” say that there are no sewn.
    Liitokala lii500s charging, test mode:
    1 -3610 mAh discharge/3708 mAh charge; 2 – 3554/3703; 3 – 3639/3754; 4 – 3664/3693.
    It’s about seven and a half hours.
    They took for the power bank designer Corps.
    I’ll add in a month or two.

  38. D***o

    The batteries correspond, the seller recommend came in a box.

  39. M***h

    5 weeks to Novosibirsk. The packing is not crumpled, the batteries are all 4 Pcs charged at 3.76 V. Satisfied with the purchase, it’s not the first time I take it in this place. Seller recommend!

  40. V***i

    Corresponds to the photo. with the seller did not communicate. Quality is normal. Come on time.

  41. V***O

    Пока использовалось однажды и то одна партия их двух. Доставка около двух месяцев. Поставили в ручной шуруповёрт. Довольны результатом

  42. E***v

    The ACB correspond to the description. The order was made 2.02.21 received 12.04.21. Good batteries, I recommend. I recommend the store to customers.

  43. M***v

    Heavy .. Let’s see how they show themselves in business
    So far there is nothing to say, the delivery is quite long, but everything is fine! 5 stars, I recommend the store!

  44. A***n

    Доставка полтора месяца. Брал для мелкого павербанка. Аккумы приехали заряженными до 3.77В оба. Вес аккумов 46.4-46.6 грамм. Емкость не проверял.

  45. p***r

    Everything is fine thank you very much for ordering everything works fine thank you to the seller I wish you good luck in work and good mood this year and further cooperation for many years!!!!!

  46. a***o

    Нормалные батарейки! Всё нормально! Там где быстрый тест там и показания хуже, а там где полный тест там всё нормально.

  47. b***r

    Come in 35 days. In the form of norms, the weight is also norms, there is no more checking the possibility. I did not communicate with the seller. Recommend.

  48. R***r

    Got 4 Akum. batteries. All norms. Thank you. They are somehow not standard. But still thanks for the fast delivery.

  49. D***v

    не все аккумуляторы после первого теста с заявленной ёмкостью, но думаю ещё раскачаются )

  50. S***n

    2657 mAh, came not charged, somehow climbed into the adapter, but let’s see how long it will last.

  51. M***R

    Заказ доехал до Москвы за 33 дня, трек по России не отслеживался. Батарея рабочая, поставлю в радиоприемник. Продавцу спасибо.

  52. S***y

    All as described. Box was little bit rumpled, but items looks good.

  53. O***n

    It’s fine. The product corresponds to the description. Seller recommend. Track was tracked all the way.

  54. D***v

    Normal batteries, as usual declared capacity is overstated, delivery about a month

  55. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    The goods went 1,5 months. Packed well. Packing is intact. But alas, the batteries were not working. There is no battery capacity on the body. I’m disappointed. Opening a dispute.

  56. S***o

    Delivery fast capacity on all 3 more 3500 Ma how to further show yourself will be seen taking for the screwdriver

  57. Y***K

    Batteries went long. One was 3.6 V, the other is 3.0 V, charged to 4.2 V.

  58. V***o

    It’s like the description. Delivery just over a month to the Novosibirsk region. Internal battery resistance 30 Mohm. Capacity from 2500 to 3000 mAh. The discharge was carried out by a current of 1 ampere. I order not for the first time. Before the indicators were better.

  59. K***M

    The order went 24 days, the track was tracked all the way, I will not say anything in quality until I test it. Seller Feedback supports, at first glance AKB good, how I will make the assembly unsubscribe. If everything will be good, then I plan to order 20 more pieces.

  60. N***v

    It was a long time, a month and a half. Only took from the mail, so I did not have time to check, but the goods look quality. If everything goes well, I’ll take more. If there are problems, I’ll add a comment.

  61. D***v

    Received came quickly, thanks to the seller, has not yet checked on the parameters

  62. T***o

    Came. not tracked, not original. charged were 3.6 and 3.9 volts. Internal soprative 17mr.

  63. R***r

    It came quickly for a little more than a month. The battery is flat on both sides with a length of 65 millimeters. The first photo in 33 minutes it charged up to 500 milliampere with a 0.87 amp charging current. The second photo it charged up to 1000 milliampere with a charging current of 0.82 ampere per hour and 9 minutes. The third photo it charged in 2 hours 27 minutes by charging current of 0.7 amps to 2000 milliamps. The third photo he charged in 3.23 minutes with a current of 0.32 amps to 2500 milliamps. And fifth photo full charge in 5 hours 14 minutes to 2742 milliampere. The seller of a solid five of course there are no declared 3400 milliampere but everything is very worthy. I think I’ll take it from him. Seller recommend!

  64. S***v

    Good batteries. I take not the first time. I recommend the seller.

  65. V***k

    Ordered 4 laces, did not track, packed in a package, ordered from another seller there was in the box all just above 3500

  66. A***f

    Excellent batteries. quality goods. Personally, I’m happy. the seller is good, only the delivery is long!

  67. R***o

    Zamovev 30 pieces of reception per wholesale super
    Delivery 69 days

  68. A***h

    Delivery “City of Express”. Akumulatori as if from 2 different parties.

  69. E***n

    The product corresponds to the description.
    3203 mah-94%
    3196 mah-94%
    3229 mah-95%
    3117 mah-91%
    The parcel went on 43 days

  70. U***e

    аккумуляторы прогнал на литокале 500
    есмкость показала от 3521 до 3641 мАч.
    сопротивление от 29 до 43mR
    вес 46-47 г каждой.
    до солтропэ почти замесяц

  71. T***p

    Probably the best 18650 for normal current loads, I’ve batch tested this order and many others and should expect 3400mA capacity, other brands over rate their battery capacity

  72. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    Орша Белоруссия дошло за20 дней все хорошо спасибо большое

  73. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    All good, parcel arrived ahead of schedule.
    Battery with real power.

  74. m***a

    Delivery was a very long track number and the parcel did not track the goods good came all works well think yourself

  75. S***r

    Tal y como se describe en el anuncio. Buena calidad, envío rápido.

  76. S***k

    Came charged at 17% and 3.78 V, put in the paverbank. All OK.

  77. V***i

    I took for power bank, the parameters on the photo.

  78. g***g

    Great. I bought these batteries more than once and they never let me down! They have always had a minimum stated capacity and rather higher! In my opinion, those who measured a lower capacity simply charged batteries that were not sufficiently discharged!

  79. S***v

    The goods came on time. Batteries judging by the indications of the charger in excellent condition. After charging, I will add a review.

  80. e***v

    Checked the capacity for 4 out of 20 all clearly as stated photo did not but the belief

  81. E***v

    26 days delivery! Everything is fine! Average capacity 3200 mAh

  82. Y***v

    Hi there!! Batteries are normal, corresponds to the description, made qualitatively, the packing is not bad, the batteries are in the bag, the bag is in the box, the box is in the the envelope with I’m happy with the purchase, I’ll order at a discount 🙂 I recommend the seller!!!

  83. K***o

    To the Kurgan region, the parcel was 3 weeks. On all batteries charge 3.7 V.

  84. N***r

    Thank you. All of the came charged – 3.78V, apart from one which was 3.77V. So far so good.

  85. A***k

    Delivery in 65 days to Ukraine by meest express delivery service. I will test for capacity and resistance internal.
    Then I call, what weight they have and leave my feedback.

    Track tracked all the time with a little belated

  86. H***e

    Заказ отслеживался. Доставка через постомат Сбер. Упаковано отлично. Всё работает. Продавцу огромное спасибо.

  87. R***r

    Order was tracked. Shipping fast. They took on stock while a couple of pieces were used. Thank you seller.

  88. D***V

    As always, the seller is super!!! Betheri is great!!! Very fast delivery!!!

  89. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    Everything is fine, it works. the parcel went a long time the seller warned immediately about it.

  90. D***a

    Ordered 10 PCs Test results on the photo. Unexpectedly! The product corresponds to the description, I recommend the seller!

  91. D***o

    Occulators are not bad. took for the flashlight. the charge was less than 40% on all. you can take.

  92. Y***k

    All the reviews are given. Real 3500 +. To Kieva delivery of the City 2 city.

  93. i***r

    Delivery two months, the battery works like everything is normal as in the description.

  94. R***y

    Recommend!!! Delivery is long, but it’s worth it. To the seller respect, waiting for discounts from the seller and I will order more)

  95. V***o

    Excellent batteries. The capacity is consistent. In the photo, the minimum values, the rest are even more. I order not the first time and everything is wonderful. The seller is much grateful for the quality product and truthful description. Recommend.

  96. A***m

    Все соответствует описанию. Доставка по Украине Мист Экспресс и, я думаю из-за них очень долгая доставка (больше двух месяцев).

  97. V***M

    I took it to powerbank. Norms.
    Fast shipping.

  98. V***v

    Real capacity at discharge current of 1 amp 3300-3400 mAh (tested at Opus bt-c3100), with discharge current of 5 amps capacity of about 3000 mAh at this current, the battery is strongly heated (I think 5 amps is the maximum current, at which the battery does not degrade very quickly).
    Delivery to Ukraine almost 2 months, on Ukraine-mist-Express

  99. G***o

    товар нормальный. шел долго

  100. a***a

    The goods are just fire, I will order more, the capacity is normal, even higher. Just if they did not spoil like chocolate high-current

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