1-10PCS New LiitoKala Lii-31S 18650 Battery

(100 customer reviews)



1-10PCS New LiitoKala Lii-31S 18650 Battery


(100 customer reviews)
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100 reviews for 1-10PCS New LiitoKala Lii-31S 18650 Battery

  1. A***f

    Although “delivered”, but yesterday received. Looks great. Came charged for 30%.
    I charged it on the fasttest. 1I 2900 with tail, 2i 3100 with small.
    It went sooo long .. From 23,11,2021 ,,,,,, for that and minus for 1 *

  2. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    All right (in addition to being have be without blaszek) but shipping is K * some drama length!!! I ordered in November and I received in February!!! Apparently it by new provisions for transport battery and additional shipping 🙁 Also now so long shipping with Asia it will be standard.

  3. S***y

    Everything as in the description put on the test later will not write off

  4. A***a

    <2en> the batteries seem to be of good quality for vape. <2en> there was 12% left and I recharged 2900 mah.
    Free ultra long

  5. V***y

    Excellent Akuma, a bet on 50 watts-enough for the whole day.
    The declared capacity is confirmed.

  6. V***n

    Normal batteries, came with a charge of 3.7 volts, by weight and size everything coincided

  7. N***v

    Went 64 days, long but waited. I took it for the screw, I have not checked the current yet, and the rest in the photo. Seller recommend. Later I will still order.

  8. L***u

    Batteries like norms. After charging I will add

  9. D***v

    Первые сутки и вывод. Аккумы не плохие, но зелёные и шоколадки реально круче. Эти проседают при малом заряде, а зелёные по истечении двух месяцев до последнего пыряют. Geekvape Nova + geekvape zeus + alien Clapton 0.18om 70w.

  10. v***v

    The batteries came, all whole. Put on charge, we will test.

  11. D***k

    Отличные аккумуляторы. Соответствуют заявленым характеристикам. Прибыли в пупырчатом пакете. В бумажных коробочках, по 2 штуки в каждой.

  12. V***n

    Delivery 45 days to 31 region. Charge less than half. Packed well. I hope and work so will be

  13. E***v

    Batteries came well packed, each battery in a separate box and packed in one carton. Delivery to Samara about 1,5 months, sent quickly. There are no complaints of external, everything is super. Later I will add a review as they took in work for an electronic cigarette.

  14. D***o

    It’s all right, they came loaded half, for waip norm. Only long delivery, in the hub edge drove a month and a half

  15. A***v

    отличные батарейки. В двухбатарейном моде жарят 90 Вт. Ёмкость соответствует. Цена/качество куда выше, чем у VTC6.

  16. g***r

    All is well, the battery in the branded packaging, came on time! thank you to the seller!

  17. D***v

    Batteries quite correspond to the declared characteristics. Preacquired for use in two-battery fashion, behave very not bad. Delivery was almost two months, it’s normal. The price is adequate.

  18. Р***

    Аккамуляторы покупал для драг 2 работают отлично. 2 сутки на изи тянет. Всем советую, только придется подождать товар 2 месяца шел до СТАВРОПОЛЬСКОГО КРАЯ. НО ЕЩЕ РАЗ ОНО ТОГО СТОИТ.

  19. T***y

    Поставил в павербанк 8 штук, подключил свой OnePlus 7 Pro по Type-C – Type-C с 19% заряда за минут примерно 15 зарядился до 45% , заряд павербанка сократился на 10%. как то быстро разряжается

  20. R***r

    Отличные аккумуляторы!
    Брал для rc модели, у меня Thunder Tiger MT4 G3..
    Из знакомых (скептики блин), никто не верил, что тачка будет гонять на них..
    Собрал два аккумулятора по 3s (по два аккума на банку, чтоб объём сделать больше), тачка рвёт и шпарит – “Будь здоров, не кашляй!”, “Пушка – гонка!”
    Правда в процессе теста заметил один момент, такие аккумуляторы подходят только для баша и заездов на короткие дистанции, так как сильно греются (гоняю на 6s) от непрерывной езды (газ в пол) и начинают просидать (сбоит токоотдача)..
    Отличная, бюджетная альтернатива вместо дорогущих Lipo аккумуляторов..
    Ждём лето, посмотрим как они себя поведут в жару..

  21. E***I

    Delivery almost two months without a week. Quality is good. The declared characteristics correspond. I recommend to buy.

  22. M***v

    3174 real capacity! You can safely take. The price is great!

  23. R***r

    Batteries Super! Competitor of any brand or even better! Charge hold long!

  24. N***h

    The parcel went to Moscow a little more than a month and from the moment of payment to shipment, it was another two weeks. In general, on a circle, a month and a half. Quality batteries, everything is branded. Voltage 3,6. The only nuance, the positive conclusion, almost does not perform. I took for the lantern and it does not reach out to contact, it is necessary to collective-use some thin-wiring gasket or to bend the positive terminal in the battery. In the rest, everything is OK. Track tracked.

  25. A***v

    до Красноярска дошло за месяц с момента оплаты, качество хорошее, ёмкость намерил 2800 при токе 1 А.

  26. Y***a

    Quite a long delivery, but for batteries it’s normal. Packaging and the batteries themselves look quite presentable, but not this is the main thing, will be stocked in the battery for Shurik and then look. And so in appearance everything is OK, the charge on them was 3,5-3,6 volts.

  27. S***f

    Cattle. I waited three months. What the. Before that, 2-3 weeks were delivered. I’ll see, I’ll you.
    For shurikov and other, where high current consumption is the most. Not the first time I order, there are no problems.

  28. v***r

    заказал 28.02, пришло 30.03. Батарейки отличные, не знаю насчёт 35А, но на мехе жарят как надо, а на плате до 80Вт гоняю. И отдельная благодарность за упаковку. Каждая батарейка в отдельной упаковке, две штуки ещё в одной. На фото видно. Предыдущие работают больше полугода без нареканий. Пришли заряжены наполовину.

  29. I***v

    Delivery 28 days corresponds to the description. Charged it showed 3245mAh advise this seller …………………………………………………………………………………………

  30. V***y

    Аккумуляторы очень хорошие, сначала купил 1 штуку, протестировал и купил 54 штуки на батарею велосипеда. Все аккумуляторы пришли с вольтажем 3,587 вольт, внутренне сопротивление, судя по показаниям LiitoKala lii 500 – от 14 до 18 м ом, ёмкость на первом купленном была 2900, большую партию нужно тестировать. Аккумуляторами доволен, посылка шла 34 дня до Сибири.

  31. A***

    I haven’t tried it yet. Later I will add a review

  32. v***u

    Well, we will test on the instruments boom to know how much will give, and how much will give ampere. By weight, the Chet is weak. After tests, I will add resistance, similar in real life, and how much do not current output. Maybe it doesn’t smell like 35.

  33. S***v

    MAh there’s nothing to measure, so I hope everything is fine, if I unsubscribe late

  34. A***v

    It came to Izhevsk in 30 days. Looks normal, we’ll check it out. Seller good, sent fast.

  35. R***r

    Sent quickly, tracked to the end, went almost a month, there are no complaints about the configuration, I recommend the seller.

  36. o***r

    The battery is good. A little does not reach to namenal. Recommend to buy

  37. m***v

    Took 6 PCs. The seller asked to find as accurate as possible in the internal resistance. With the shipment, the seller pulled 2 weeks. The parcel came by regular mail, the package was worn on the middle and the corners rubbed but the inner polyethylene remained whole. Akums checked for lii-500, on resistance of 10, 12, 15 by police and capacity of 2900 to 3000mAh. Loaded with current 4.4a-heated up to 38 ° C. With the seller did not communicate but apparently he complied with my request!!!
    P. S. Is: The lii-500 device should not be particularly trusted by resistance measurement. I one Akum poked in different nests and all show different internal resistance, and costically NI-CD and NI-MH it generally overcharges instead of 1.65b!

  38. a***v

    I take this seller not the first time. Reliable. Battery bomb. I recommend the seller and the goods. Good luck and prosperity to seller in твоём really!!!!!5 +++++.

  39. M***y

    Delivery 30 days before the South Ural. Reliable and beautiful packaging, for Russia it is necessary. Measured battery capacity after charging from (2890 – 2920) mAh, is placed in 10% tolerance. Internal resistance from (12,8 – 13,5) IOM. In general, very satisfied with the parameters of the batteries. Let’s see how many cycles the charge-discharge will last during operation. I took it for the bank. Thank you to the seller for sending the goods promptly. All health and successful purchases!

  40. A***o

    Батарейки супер! Беру не первый раз. Дошли за месяц.

  41. A***v

    Good battery! Of course not 3100 mAh but 3039 capacity showed on the test.

  42. V***v

    Delivery to the Altai territory is exactly 30 days
    Declared capacity is normal
    Resistance is normal
    Batteries New
    12 amps held without loss

  43. D***i

    Excellent capacity, and excellent current at load!

  44. R***v

    Fast shipping. Sent promptly. The capacity is slightly less than 3000. Stated 3100

  45. j***j

    Батареи пришли все с зарядом 3.58V. Внутреннее сопротивление аккумуляторов составляет примерно 13mR. При токе заряда в 1А, нагрев аккумуляторов внутри самой зарядке LiitoKala, составил 37C. При охлаждении зарядного устройства интенсивным приточным воздухом, Нагрев аккумуляторов опустился до 35C. Напряжение полностью заряженных аккумуляторов составило 4.20V. При разряде заряженных аккумуляторов током 700mA, показало температуру 42С, при охлаждении самой зарядки температура аккумуляторов 37С. Емкость составила 2879mAh, 2960mAh, 2980mAh, 2961mAh. При повторном прогоне, думаю показатели емкости будут выше. Аккумуляторы высокотоковые, продавца рекомендую.

  46. J***v

    Delivery month. Good batteries. I will write additions. As long as evaluation 5

  47. a***r

    The goods are delivered in 33 days, it is very fast for batteries. Packing is normal, weight 1 AKB 50g. For delivery to the seller Thank you, the review will be complemented after checking and applying. Good luck to all!

  48. A***n

    товар пришел за 35 дней правда не не тот что заказывал открыл спор вернули частично деньги

  49. R***v

    All working 4 pieces on Shurik put all the normal

  50. A***f

    Beauty. They went to Russia for a month, and they got up well. In 10 hours, I smoked one battery.

  51. R***v

    The capacity is slightly less than stated, but for this money is excellent. In Kazan delivered for almost a month.

  52. A***v

    Good. Fast delivery.
    Упаковка, надо признать – супер. В принципе, даже боксы не нужны. Картон жёсткий, должно хватить на долго, если в кармане не таскать ))).
    По аккумам скажу через денёк/другой/третий. Прогоню на заряд/разряд/заряд и замерю сопротивление. Позже отпишусь.

  53. k***k

    Athens battery recommend

  54. A***v

    All is well

  55. S***l

    All norms! The capacity is consistent! Let’s see how many are enough!

  56. 6***r

    Arrived in 32 days since the order. Quality/price corresponds to previous reviews.

  57. Y***o

    Went batteries to Odessa almost 3 months, the track is not tracked, the seller goes to dialogue, ordered 3 PCs. Quality top. All top except for long delivery, and so I’m basically happy. Recommend. These batteries cost their money for all 100%

  58. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    2958 and 2991 after the run on Opus, let’s see how much is enough.

  59. A***v

    Batteries came quickly voltage 3.5 V in appearance all is normal.

  60. A***v

    Дошло до Астрахани за полтора месяца. Всё соответствует описанию. Советую для парения.

  61. n***v

    A separate box for each pair of batteries is cool.

  62. N***a

    To Moscow in 28 days. I’m chasing a radio-controlled typewriter, I’ll unsubscribe about the capacity.

  63. N***k

    Delivery fast! The quality is excellent! Many thanks to the seller! Recommend!

  64. i***r

    I arrived quickly enough, but the seeded
    A little. I will put it in the screwdriver, and then we’ll look at their vitality. the goods are good. i recommend the seller.

  65. S***v

    The batteries are of high quality, but in terms of current characteristics so-so. Unpacking, metering 3.6 volt all 4 PE, charging to full I have 4.16 volts, discharge current 2.3 ампера capacity 2300 mAh, charge to full again 4,16 …. 4,17, discharge current 1,0 amp capacity 2500 mAh. To the declared 3100 decently does not reach. Perhaps further repent, but believed as it is difficult). I took for 200 +-10 rubles. 60 days delivery.

  66. E***v

    Thank you to the seller and all participants of delivery. AKB got it, it’s OK! I’ll use it, if everything is OK, I’ll order more.

  67. A***v

    In general, not bad delivery through Mongolia a month to nska

  68. I***n

    Came both orders, each battery in own packaging, in boxes for 2 pieces. Capacity from 2745 to 2914, average 2850… Sad…

  69. A***n

    Battery fire. Tired of charging. Delivery pleased, a month and at home.

  70. N***n

    The beginning pleases. Delivery 38 days in Krasnodar territory. The rest will show time.

  71. V***v

    It’s been a long time, more than a month. Broken package. 1 The shark could have fallen out or stolen. Cost. The capacity is slightly less than the declared.

  72. G***v

    The batteries are not bad, but there is doubt that 3100 mahov, as it would say, is slightly exaggerated.

  73. R***V

    As always, all at the highest level, excellent batteries. To the seller Thank you very much!

  74. b***b

    Of course everything looks good, but did not check there is no normal device exactly the battery charger went a month and a half around the world walked

  75. J***a

    Excellent high-current batteries-up to 35 amps. The capacity corresponds to the declared. Good seller. I bought here several times already. Shipping fast. To seller Thank you very much!

  76. b***r

    Batteries have by nittlich 2850-2900 Ma, time wird’s show, thank you

  77. I***n

    Доставлено за 30 дней, хороший товар, продавец молодец!

  78. D***n

    Good AKB. Capacity per discharge 2900-3100, which is not bad enough. The current is also good. Nothing is heated.

  79. V***n

    A little controversial impression left. The brand is good (others with such a quality attitude to the price of the Chinese on this site is not particularly), the store has been checked more than once (by the way,,, it’s not the first time I take it, it’s not bad. But the jars themselves are 35 amperous with their 3100 mAh as it does not reach. 10A had everything clearly, Green always with a margin, but these .. In addition, all different, for ligaments it is necessary to check. But in general, the quality at altitude, resistance about 40 ohms, probably almost completely discharged. Conclusion-if you do not need a large current, it is better to take 10A (yellow/black) or generally Green. The capacity of these really is smaller, and the self-discharge is high. I took for waipas, and so, others are more practical.

  80. R***h

    All The agrees. Goods consistent with the description. Look very well… All were charged to 3.80V. Recommend salesman.

  81. M***h

    Great batteries! For waip, that’s it. Recommend! Saratov reached 2 weeks.

  82. C***r


  83. V***o

    All as in the description is an excellent product. Purchase satisfied. Thank you seller!!! I recommend who needs. Good batteries.

  84. H***h

    Goods satisfied, tests do not проводил, bought the wismec Gen3 (tank Sirena V2) 20W and Fuchai 213 (tank Zeus), поюзаю недельку other дополню review, at the moment, all satisfied with

  85. V***n

    Came 4 Akuma all separately packed! Quality Hood, for electronic cigarette even better than chocolates. Delivery is true almost 2.5 months but I did not burn. Order boldly!

  86. А***в

    аккумуляторы классные. для моего мода подошли идеально. токоотдача классная. ёмкость великолепная. по эксплуатации отпишусь. пришли очень быстро, меньше 2 месяцев. рекомендую.

  87. B***s

    Excellent batteries, have this brand in most of my torches now as they have all sizes and different drain rates to suit each torch you may have , I also bought the 500s charger from liitokala which is amazing, now my first choose when looking to replace batteries etc

  88. A***n

    The order arrived well thanks a lot to the sales

  89. www.publicalog.com Shopper

    Thank you, delivery Fast take these items not the first time everything works and turns)

  90. D***v

    Емкость примерно соответствует заявленной. Работают.

  91. Y***v

    It seems not bad yet, almost declared power is present!

  92. A***v

    Let’s see how they actually show themselves.

  93. O***v

    Great batteries! There are no complaints about work. I’m not taking it for the first time.

  94. p***p

    Доехали за 29 дней . Разброс по вольтажу от 3,65 до 3,73 .

  95. N***N

    Take a month. I took it for a test. Let’s see how the work shows. Thank you.

  96. O***v

    We reached Moscow in a month. All packed in cartons. Came with 3,4-3,6V charge. Internal resistance and capacity after the test can be seen in the photo.

  97. P***v

    Up to 3100mAh a little is not dotyaguli.

  98. D***h

    Finally came batteries, waiting for 61 days. More than a month did not track the parcel. Batteries in the flashlight rose well. At night I will experience my floodlight. ))). With normal type batteries: AA 1.2 volt luminous bad. With these I think it will.

  99. G***v


  100. W***k

    The batteries are very good, suitable for screwdrivers. Thank you seller. Recommend.

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