Apple TV 4K and tvOS 11: Everything you need to know about Apple’s digital media streamer

Apple TV has grown up a lot since its iTV days. It’s not just for iTunes rentals anymore—Apple TV handles just about anything we watch, from House of Cards to Game of Thrones and Major League Baseball games, and now that includes 4K content.

Since Apple opened up its tiny streaming box to developers, it’s gone from fun to indispensable. With an extensive library of apps, Siri support, and a drop-dead simple interface, Apple TV is one of the underrated players in Apple’s lineup. Just like all those years ago, it’s still the device that “completes the story” of Apple’s entertainment ecosystem, and even without some of the bells and whistles of its competitors, Apple TV is still one of the best streaming boxes you can buy—from SD to HD to brilliant 4K.

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‘Sunil Gulati has an agenda – to stay in power in US Soccer and that is it’

Eric Wynalda, the former USA forward turned commentator, says he is ready to ‘roll up his sleeves’ and challenge Sunil Gulati for the role of US Soccer president

Eric Wynalda doesn’t yet know if he will run for president of the United States Soccer Federation next year but he does know something has to change at the top of the sport in America.

Wynalda, apparently, is not alone. After 11 unchallenged years as USSF president, incumbent Sunil Gulati will face at least two – and possibly more – declared rivals at an election in February.

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Thomasina Miers’ quick and easy recipe for Indian lamb chops with dal-style sweetcorn

Give British sweetcorn and lamb a north Indian makeover in this heady, spicy late-summer winner

A decade ago, pulses and grains didn’t get much attention from foodies: while most agreed they were healthy, few would have argued for their gourmet credentials and, curiously, their good value seemed almost to work against them in loftier circles. How times have changed! Now that street food is all the rage, we are embracing ingredients from around the world, and the coolest restaurants are pairing Camargue red rice with beautiful Indonesian-spiced crab, aromatic Middle Eastern couscous with exotically seasoned chargrilled fowl, and British-grown quinoa with local cheeses, seasonal leaves and flowers. As our thirst for good food continues, so does our knowledge of the regional cuisines from around the world. This north Indian-inspired quick dish takes the idea of dal, but uses corn in place of lentils, not least because it was growing everywhere I looked on my late-summer tour of British food festivals. The sweetness of the corn goes beautifully with the seasoned chops, to create a treat of pure comfort food.

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Let’s move to the Kintyre peninsula, Argyll and Bute: ‘Gorgeous, isn’t it?’

Paul McCartney came here to get away from Beatlemania, and it’s still the perfect place to escape

What’s going for it? OK, let’s get Paul McCartney and That Song out of the way straight off the bat. Millions of lives were tragically blighted in the 70s by Mull Of Kintyre, number one in the pop charts for about 47 years. Watching the video with wiser, middle-aged eyes, though, I appreciate it anew. Not the dirge. That still plods like a knackered horse. But the place. Look behind Paul and the bagpipers: that’s Saddell Bay, north of the Mull. Gorgeous, isn’t it? No wonder McCartney bought High Park Farm up here in the 60s to escape Beatlemania, grow a beard, learn how to milk sheep and love mud, like some kind of proto-downshifting-hipster. He doesn’t come much any more, but the Kintyre peninsula – 20 miles of heather, oystercatchers, astonishing beaches and a fair few whisky distilleries dangling from Britain by a thread – still feels the perfect place to escape the universe. All together now, “Muuuuuuull of Kintyre…”

The case against That song will roll around your head for ever. The Mull of Kintyre Test (Google it). It’s a long way from anything but the Isle of Arran.

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The Best Compression Socks for Most People

Three different pairs of compression socks. One pair is on a person's feet, and the other two are lying on either side of said feet atop a chunky off-white knit carpet.To find the best compression socks for most people, we consulted folks who wear them for all manner of situations: while working on their feet, during pregnancy, while running, after working out, while traveling, and just because. After considering dozens of socks, we tested nine pairs and found that the Sockwell Elevation Firm Socks (women’s […]

Stoke City v Chelsea: match preview

Stoke take on the champions after a loss at Bristol City which Mark Hughes described as their worst of the season and with only one centre-back available. Chelsea will be without David Luiz, their fourth sending off this season. “Maybe they haven’t quite got the dark arts right on spec at the moment. But I don’t see them as a team with a discipline problem,” said Hughes. Mark Tallentire

Kick-off Saturday 3pm

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Deep impact

How widespread is CTE, the disease found in dead former NFL player Aaron Hernandez?

North Korea Hits New Level of Brinkmanship in Reacting to Trump – New York Times

New York Times

North Korea Hits New Level of Brinkmanship in Reacting to Trump
New York Times
People in Pyongyang, North Korea, watched a television broadcast on Friday of the leader Kim Jong-un’s response to President Trump’s speech at the United Nations. Credit Ed Jones/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. SEOUL, South Korea — North …
North Korea: Trump and Kim call each other madBBC News
North Korea may consider H-bomb test in Pacific, Kim calls Trump ‘deranged’Reuters
What happens if North Korea tests a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific?CNN
Business Insider –Chicago Tribune –ABC News –The Atlantic
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Pep Guardiola says Manchester City can improve and must be wary of Palace

• Roy Hodgson’s side ‘do have quality’ says Manchester City manager
• Pep Guardiola shares José Mourinho’s scepticism about League Cup

“My dear fellow,” Pep Guardiola said, his eyes twinkling to confirm that what he said next might not be completely what he believed. “This is the Premier League. Every single team can beat the others. That is the best expression I have learned.”

The Manchester City manager was responding to the inevitable question about how many goals his free-scoring side might rack up against Crystal Palace, who have yet to score a league goal or claim a point, and injecting a hint of sarcasm because he does not accept the Premier League’s claim to be the toughest in the world. “Palace do have quality,” he insisted, back in serious mode. “We watched their last two games and they created a lot of chances against Southampton and Burnley.”

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Southampton v Manchester United: match preview

Mauricio Pellegrino is up for the challenge of reining in Manchester United and may opt to start Virgil van Dijk in central defence, while striker Charlie Austin is available after a knock. Captain Steven Davis has called on Southampton fans to get behind them at a venue where United have won nine times in 12 visits. The trip to St. Mary’s is the first of six away games for United in the next month, and José Mourinho may seek to rotate his attacking options before the trip to CSKA Moscow, with Anthony Martial in form. Niall McVeigh

Kick-off Saturday 3pm

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The Fiver | Cranking up the tension by insisting there is tension to be cranked up

In today’s Fiver: a fitba festival, an ostrich antagonist and a ‘kick in the butt’

Ahead of a weekend jam-packed full of intriguing derbies and needle matches – West Ham v Spurs, Juventus v Torino, the Steel City set-to and AFC Wimbledon v Franchise FC – The Fiver has decided to focus its gimlet-eyed stare on Saturday lunchtime’s Old Firm fitba festival between the Queen’s Celtic and the Pope’s O’Rangers. While there are many in Glasgow who claim O’Rangers have only existed since 2012 and liken the current squad to the White Walkers in Game of Thrones, they have enjoyed a bitter rivalry with their city rivals for well over a century, in which time the two clubs have played each other 407 times. O’Rangers, indeed, have the edge courtesy of just nine extra wins.

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IDG Contributor Network: Preventing a (cloud) mutiny

One of the greatest reservations about the cloud is whether it’s wise, or even beneficial, to relinquish control of the infrastructure to a third party. This is a question you’ve likely asked yourself, and have heard repeatedly from your team members. In some cases, the move to the cloud may be viewed as a threat to job security.

IT teams are used to owning their own stuff. With the cloud, IT teams no longer need to purchase hardware and software, and hook it all up. Gone are the racks and the blinking lights. Moving to the cloud requires a change in ownership and mindshare. For many of us, it’s not a comfortable proposition.

But how much control are we really giving up? I contend that it’s not as much as we may believe.

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WEDDING SONG: To Have And To Hold (with lyrics)

For full audio tracks, accompaniment tracks and sheet music, go to \rTO HAVE AND TO HOLD is a romantic, soul-stirring wedding song by award-winning songwriter Trina Belamide (visit \r\rTO HAVE AND TO HOLD\r\rThis very moment, right here and now\rBegins…

St Louis protests: three years since Ferguson, why hasn’t anything changed?

Since the police shooting of Mike Brown, there’s been little progress – as was evident in St Louis as police mocked people protesting officer Jason Stockley’s acquittal

It’s become a familiar scene in the the city’s metropolitan area, equal parts deja vu and cliche.

Related: St Louis police condemned for ‘alarming’ attitude towards protesters

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ROBERT SHILLER: Stocks look just like they did right before the 13 most recent bear markets

robert shiller

Stocks look dangerously close to a bear market, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to sell everything, according to the Nobel-winning author Robert Shiller. 

In a post on Project Syndicate Thursday, Shiller said the cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio he helped develop was useful in predicting returns over the next decade. The gauge values stocks based on the past 10 years of earnings to smooth out periods when growth or weakness was abnormal.

In the peak months before bear markets — widely defined as declines of 20% or more —  the CAPE ratio was above its average of 22.1. On Friday, it was slightly above 30.

The market’s inactivity is also a reason to be wary, Shiller said. Stock-price volatility was lower than average in the year leading up to the peak month before all of the last 13 bear markets, Shiller wrote. It’s currently lower than the 3.1% average for the time frame including those bear markets.da7c7673fe8d403dbf89a4d52fa95ba5

Does this mean that a bear market is imminent? Shiller says no.

“Such episodes are difficult to anticipate, and the next one may still be a long way off,” he said.

Still, this “analysis should serve as a warning against complacency,” Shiller said. He continued: “Investors who allow faulty impressions of history to lead them to assume too much stock-market risk today may be inviting considerable losses.”

Uncertainty around when the next bear market could come is partly why most strategists at major Wall Street firms are reluctant to turn bearish even as they continuously warn that stocks are overvalued. The median year-end S&P 500 forecast among strategists tracked by Bloomberg is 2,500, implying a nearly 12% gain for the market in 2017.

They wouldn’t want clients to miss out on the late stages of the bull market, which is typically when returns are the highest. Also, double-digit earnings growth and an economy nudging a 3% growth pace are attractive. 

Screen Shot 2017 09 22 at 10.00.13 AMThat doesn’t take away from the fact that stocks are overvalued. But this fact alone is not a reliable buy or sell signal, according to Laszlo Birinyi, the president of Birinyi Associates, who was one of the first to nail the current bull market.

Here’s how he recently put it to Business Insider’s Joe Ciolli (emphasis added):

“We can catalog a bunch of articles [on the Shiller CAPE ratio] that show no one’s ever said to buy. It’s always been ‘the market’s overpriced,’ ‘the market’s expensive,’ ‘the market’s high,’ but no one’s ever said buy. In July 2009, there were some articles saying that according to some valuation measures, the market was fully valued. In July 2009! To me, something that’s never told me to buy is not something I’m going to listen to when deciding when to sell.”


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Syrian man jailed for two years for posting Isis propaganda on Facebook

Among the asylum seeker’s posts was an image from a video promoting suicide bombings, Manchester crown court heard

A Syrian asylum seeker who posted extremist videos online in support of Islamic State has been jailed for two years.

Saer Hussein Shaker came to the UK in 2014 after his father and brother-in-law were killed in his home country by a militant group opposed by Isis. Two years after he was granted discretionary leave to remain, he began posting Isis propaganda on Facebook, Manchester crown court heard.

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Macron takes a page from Trump to change France’s labour laws

French president signs set of controversial executive orders in the style of US leader during televised ceremony in Élysée Palace

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has signed a controversial set of executive orders making sweeping changes to France’s complex labour laws at a highly stage-managed ceremony in the style of the US president, Donald Trump.

The defiant signing ceremony – televised live from Macron’s desk in the Élysée Palace on Friday – appears to be part of the president’s drive to present himself as a reformer prepared to push through changes.

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You are your looks: that’s what society tells girls. No wonder they’re depressed | Natasha Devon

Children as young as seven believe that they are valued more for their appearance than for their character. It’s time to break down these stereotypes

A study published by Girlguiding this week has revealed that half of girls feel stifled by gender stereotyping, with children as young as seven believing they are valued more for their appearance than for their achievements or character. It is not, I believe, a coincidence that in the same week a government-funded study has shown a quarter of girls exhibit symptoms of depression by the age of 14.

Related: One in four girls have depression by the time they hit 14, study reveals

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Do we really need therapy?

Research suggests self-help exercises could be better for you than cognitive behavioural therapy

‘Researchers say you might as well be your own therapist,” the website Quartz proclaimed recently, in light of a new study that found a vanishingly small difference between seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist and just doing various self-help exercises on your own. Naturally, this sort of thing is liable to make therapists angry. (The correct response is to nod compassionately and ask: “Now, why do you think that makes you so angry?”) As Mark Brown noted in this paper, we should be wary of any finding that seems to suggest governments could save money by telling people to sort themselves out. But the self-help route has another limitation worth bearing in mind: what makes you so confident you even know what your problems really are?

Typically, self-help works like this: you’re troubled by some issue – procrastination, commitment-phobia, depression – so you seek a book to fix it, just as you’d seek a spanner or screwdriver if the legs on your kitchen table started wobbling. But minds aren’t like wobbly tables. There’s no reason to assume – actually, there’s much reason to doubt – that we’re in touch with our deepest anxieties and hang-ups. Rather than productivity techniques, maybe you need to face the fact that your job provides no meaning. Maybe accusing yourself of “commitment-phobia” is how you rationalise the subconscious awareness that your partner doesn’t love you. Maybe your depression is best understood not as the result of “automatic thoughts”, but as a sign that you’re living life to serve your parents’ agenda, instead of your own.

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My young daughter constantly misses her grandparents

She has always loved the remote island where her dad’s family live, but is starting to miss it with great intensity. Annalisa Barbieri advises a reader

My husband and I have two daughters, aged three and one. We live in Glasgow, but all of his extended family (siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents) live on a remote Scottish island. We visit two or three times a year (Christmas and summer), for about two weeks each trip. The children love our time there, though the journey is always difficult – a long drive followed by a boat crossing, for two very travel-sick little girls.

Our problem is that our three-year-old is getting increasingly “homesick” for the island and her extended family. She is always desperately sad to leave, and talks a lot about how much she misses her grandparents and their home. She misses the place as well as the people. Today, she told me she hurts inside whenever she thinks about the island.

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London’s Uber decision might be unpopular, but it’s the right one | Toby Moses

Uber is cheap, convenient and by and large safe, but it has serious flaws too. No company deserves a free pass just because it’s popular

The initial horrified response to Transport for London’s decision to remove Uber’s licence to operate in the capital seemed to be rather too focused on the mild inconvenience to its customers. There was a palpable sense that this tech unicorn was a serious source of progress in big city travel, and that its removal would be a step back into the wilderness. Of course, minicabs did exist before Uber, and will continue to after Uber is gone, but the revolution brought about by the company’s use of technology is undeniable. The question is: at what cost?

Progress isn’t always a good thing. It does not have to be accepted regardless of its consequences – whether to the safety of passengers, the living conditions of its drivers, the traffic on our roads, or the amount of tax collected by the Exchequer.

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Hogan highway plan: No more free rides

Two years ago and with much fanfare, Gov. Larry Hogan convinced the Maryland Transportation Authority to lower tolls on Maryland’s highways and bridges to reverse the “downward spiral” of tax increases instituted by his predecessor. This week, Mr. Hogan announced a $9 billion highway widening plan…

Uber Just Got Kicked Out of London

Transport for London, the local government body responsible for licensing laws cited a number of “potential public safety and security implications” with the taxi app service.

The long wait

The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan talks to families searching for loved ones as rescue efforts continue.

Audrey Hepburn exhibition celebrates star’s enduring appeal

From her Burberry mac to Givenchy dress, the actor’s private possessions to go on show in London before largest-ever auction

A five-day exhibition to precede the largest-ever auction of Audrey Hepburn’s private possessions will open at Christie’s auction house in London on Saturday, with some of its most enthusiastic visitors expected to be the late actor’s growing fanbase of teens and millennials.

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2018 MotoGP rider line-up

Updated following confirmation that Xavier Simeon will join Avintia Ducati, meaning all official 2018 MotoGP vacancies are now occupied…