The Latest Marvel Legends Set Is A Guardians Of The Galaxy All-Star Team

The 2017 New York Toy Fair starts this weekend, and as we prepare to venture into its halls and check out the toys coming out over the next year, we’re looking at some of the fun stuff you can get right now. Stuff like the latest Marvel Legends build-a-figure series, starring some of the greatest heroes in Guardians

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Sorry Batfleck, Lego Batman is the only Dark Knight that matters now

The smart animated spinoff has a far better understanding of the character’s essential mythology than last year’s silly, swaggering Batman v Superman

In the 1960s there was never any doubt who was Batman. Cuddly crimefighter Burt Ward, equipped with Toys ‘R’ Us batsuit and ACME shark repellent, was the only Dark Knight in town. These days Warner Bros seems determined to assault us with an army of caped crusaders of all shapes and sizes. On TV there’s teenage Batman, or at least Bruce Wayne, in the weeny form of Gotham’s David Mazouz. The DVD and download realm is owned by small screen Bat-veteran Kevin Conroy, most recently showing up in controversial Alan Moore adaptation The Killing Joke. At the multiplexes there’s Batfleck himself, a six-foot-four colossus of raging testosterone and Superman-baiting alternative facts prone to bouts of totally unnecessary ultra-violence against male and female enemies alike.

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The Lego Batman Movie: trailer for superhero spin-off – video

The Lego Batman Movie finds the Dark Knight not only dealing with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of the boy he adopted. Starring Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera and Rosario Dawson, the brick-based adventure is released in US and UK cinemas on 10 February

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The Lego Batman Movie review – relentlessly funny superhero parody

Will Arnett voices a brilliantly gruff, macho, humourless Dark Knight in this expressive, cinematic and subversive Gotham City satire

It was already brave of the custodians of the Batman franchise to let The Lego Movie mock their prize asset so mercilessly in 2014. The fact that they’ve doubled down with this feature-length parody suggests they figure either Batman can take it, or that he’s reached that point in the superhero cycle where it’s no longer possible to take him seriously. Either way, this gag-packed, knockabout action-adventure has a lot of fun with the character, while also broaching his pathologies in a way the “serious movies” rarely do. It doesn’t have the heart, the depth or the novelty of the first Lego movie, but it is relentlessly, consistently funny – which excuses everything.

Voiced with Christian Bale-like gruffness by Will Arnett, this is the macho, humourless, self-regarding Dark Knight we get here, who imagines he’s brilliant at everything and prefers to work alone. “Batman doesn’t do ’ships,” (as in “relationships”) he tells a crestfallen Joker, denying there’s anything special between them during a spectacular opening fight (as with its predecessor, this movie’s Lego-bricked animation is surprisingly expressive and cinematic). Afterwards, our hero goes home to an empty Batcave for some microwaved lobster, a little solo heavy-metal guitar, and a night alone in his home cinema with Jerry Maguire. He’s a bit of a loser, in other words.

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Check Out The World’s Largest Nerf Gun

Nerf guns were essential for the friendliest type of warfare during the glistening years our of childhood. Mark Rober has thrown something new, and quite deadly, into this warfare by creating an absolute monster with fellow Youtube stars Eclectic Engineering. The world’s largest Nerf gun has finally been introduced, with it being fully functional and […]

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