Amazon Builds Supermarkets Without Checkouts

I always find it to be somehow curios when online companys tend to do offline business. With “Amazon Go” the internet giant wants to have it’s own supermarkets – without cashiers. This video announcing a […]

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WaySkin Takes The Guesswork Out Of Having Glowing Skin

WaySkinHave you ever looked at your dull, lifeless skin and wondered how it got
that way and how you could bring it back to its former glory? WaySkin is a handheld disk that, when applied to the skin, provides important information about your skin’s current needs.

Dynamic Projection Mapping On Shirts And Other Deformed Surfaces

Oh wow – this invention by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory is astonishing! Bringing light mapping onto non-flat surfaces, even when these get deformed. Awesome! „The first technology is a high-speed projector „DynaFlash“ that can project 8-bit images up to 1,000 fps with 3 ms delay. The second technology is a high-speed non-rigid surface tracking at […]

Healthcare Wearable For Kids Tracks Well-Being, Stress And Developmental Insights In Real Time

Kiddo Healthcare Wearable for Kids (image via Facebook)What if you knew your child had a temperature or was coming down with something even before they displayed signs of it or said something? A new health care wearable for kids called “Kiddo” can help you do just that.

Vacuum Clicka Saves Food, Time, and Space

The Vacuum Clicka is an easy to use, portable and versatile gadget
that’ll save you extra trips to the store. Unlike conventional
vacuum sealing machines, the Vacuum Clicka is affordable and can be
stashed away in a drawer.

Tattoo Robot Created By French Designers Makes Its Internet Debut

Robots are inching their way into our lives. Now there’s a machine with a robotic arm that applies simplistic tattoo designs to humans. Find out who’s behind it and what the plans are for this futuristic machine and its application as far as commercial…

The Invention Of The Dallas Robot Bomb

The Invention Of The Dallas Robot Bomb In the 21st Century, robots have become ever omnipresent in many areas of human endeavor. From IBM Watson’s ability to beat top-ranked contestants on the popular TV quiz show Jeopardy to drones utilized as remote bombers to artificial intelligence
taking on a myriad number of human tasks, robots are widely used in
such diverse fields as academia as well as on the battlefield. But the
robot bomb used in Dallas on July 7 marks the first-time robotic
technology has ever been considered for weaponry by a U.S. police force.

Cleaning Beans Keep Bottles Clear And Bright

Bottle Cleaning BeansA lot of reusable bottles have very narrow openings. They certainly
aren’t wide enough to cram your hand in there and scrub all the nooks
and crannies. One option is to get a new bottle, but instead you could pick up some magic beans. Bottle Cleaning Beans are specially designed bottle scrubbers.