YouTube Kids gets its own original shows

youtubekids-new-series YouTube Kids, the app offering a curated selection of age-appropriate videos sourced from YouTube, is launching its own original programming, the company announced today. The four new shows are a part of the YouTube Red subscription service, and were created with the kids’ app in mind. This is also the first time that YouTube Red has invested in creators who are making original shows… Read More

Father Does P&J Sandwiches EXACTLY The Way His Kid’s Tell Him To

I really like the idea behind the “Exact Instructions Challenge”. Josh Darnit got his kids to make instructions on how to do a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Easy thing, you say? Not that much, […]

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‘It’s the breaking of a taboo’: the parents who regret having children

It’s tiring, often boring – and can mean a return to more traditional roles. Why some mothers (and fathers) feel they made a mistake

It was coming up to Christmas 2015 when a query popped up on Victoria Elder’s home computer screen. It was from the question-and-answer site Quora, to which she had only recently subscribed. She didn’t know much about Quora at the time, except that it was a place where users posted questions others would do their best to answer, such as “Who’s the yellow suit guy in Gangnam Style?” or “If the Earth were a cube, how would gravity be different?” She found the site intriguing and informative. That afternoon, the question was: “What is it like to regret having children?

Being a practical person and very forthright, Elder, who works for a mortgage company in Lafayette, Louisiana, sat down to write. She was 47, and as the mother of a 17-year-old she thought perhaps she had some wisdom to impart.

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The 100-year-old couple – still married, still going strong

Morrie and Betty Markoff, 103 and 100, say that there’s no particular secret to their very long marriage, other than tolerance, respect and luck. But why has Morrie never told Betty that he loves her?

‘We don’t know anyone else over 100. We are really oddities: two people married for 78 years, one 103, the other 100. We’ve outlived everybody. And it’s rare, I recognise that. We’re very lucky. The best I can wish you is our luck.”

Morrie Markoff is sitting on the sofa in his downtown Los Angeles apartment next to his wife, Betty. They are delighted that someone from the “Manchester Guardian” has come to talk to them, though these days they are used to a degree of attention. When Morrie was 100, a gallery in the city put on his first art show, exhibiting his scrap-metal sculptures, photographs and paintings. “Ease up on the 100 business,” he remarked at the time. “I’m trying to pass as 90.” Now the Markoffs are to appear in Aging Gracefully, a book of photos of centenarians by Karsten Thormaehlen; they are the only married couple in its pages.

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‘There will be more deaths’: NGOs on Trump’s anti-abortion rule

We asked NGOs how the reinstatement of the ‘global gag’ rule will impact what they do, and the people they work with. Here are some of the responses

Three days after his inauguration, Donald Trump reinstated the “global gag” rule, which prohibits the use of US aid money for abortions, prevents NGOs from using private funds for abortion services, from referring women to groups that provide abortions, and even from offering information on services.

We asked NGOs around the world to tell us how the policy impacted them in the past, and what it means for their work today.

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I want to leave my partner of 15 years. Am I being selfish? | Mariella Frostrup

A woman who married her longtime partner two years ago now wants to separate. Mariella Frostrup wonders why it’s taken so long to address the issues in their relationship

The dilemma After much heartache, sleepless nights and consideration I told my husband of two years, but partner for 15, that I was unhappy and thought we should separate. I am 37 and he is 49. On discussing our issues my husband said that if I left he would have no chance of children and I’d be robbing him of that as his chances of meeting anyone are very slim and mine are slightly better.

He has become a father figure to me. I feel I live in his house with his things and his rules. My husband is making me feel guilty for wanting to leave and leaving him childless and I do feel guilty, incredibly guilty and sad about that, and it is leading me to question whether I should leave. He says I am selfish. Am I?

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What I’m really thinking: the newlywed

Did we do the right thing? We are so young: I’m 24 and he is 23

It isn’t like the films I watched as a child. The saying “yes” part was easy. It is everything else that worries me. Did we do the right thing? We are so young: I’m 24; he is 23. What if we meet other people along the way? Our opposing views and playful bickering is exciting now, but will it wear thin as we grow older?

We look at our friends with disposable incomes who date casually and still live with their parents, and we question our decision to move into our own place so quickly. We spend our days rowing over the washing-up, we argue in front of family members, and he turns up late when he has spent the previous evening out with his friends. I rationalise that it is because we are growing up together and this comes with its trials; but does this happen to everyone?

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The love at the heart of our family’s wartime secret

When Margaret Esiri and Andrew Evans’s mother died, they read her diary and unravelled a lifelong mystery

In April 1939, Doreen Bates presented Bill Evans, the man she had been seeing for six years, with a sheet of paper. It listed, in two neat columns, the pros and cons of having a baby together.

What made the list unusual was that Bill was married to someone else, and would remain so, until his death in 1974.

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Tim Dowling: I’m away, so my wife has time to decide whether to leave me

She’ll have a chance to crunch the numbers and see it makes no financial sense to go

It is a Thursday afternoon and I am skiing. I feel a bit suspect being in the Alps without my wife or my children, but it’s a brief and exceedingly cheap break, with a party of five middle-aged people, mostly friends whose partners don’t ski. The sun is out, there’s plenty of snow and nobody who knows me in a professional capacity has any idea where I am.

On the chairlift I am telling my friend how the week before my wife said that she was going to leave me.

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How real is the image of the wise and loving grandparent?

Movies are full of mellow, nurturing grandparents, but today’s actual ones are just as likely to be off on cruises as quietly doing the babysitting

I went to see the movie Moana with my 10-year-old daughter recently. It was sweet and relatively predictable, but it was interesting for the centrality of the grandmother figure in the Disneyfied Polynesian myth.

Moana, the heroine of the story, strikes out beyond the limitations of her island community thanks to the insights and encouragement of her grandmother, Gramma Tala, who shows her a secret cave of knowledge that enables her to undertake her hero’s journey out into the unknown.

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Heartwarming Ad About A Polish Man Learning English

Within a week this heartwarming story about a Polish man learning English went viral. “English For Beginners” got over 2.7 million views on YouTube – that means around 5.4 million eyes with tears in them… […]

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Create a customizable animal robot


Our pals at Two-Bit circus have designed this paper craft robotic owl, to give kids a “taste of basic mechanical principles, electronics and programming.” It looks really cool.

  • Build the mechanics, electronics and paper shell for your Oomiyu owl. Oomiyu was designed to show you how all the different systems come together to create an awesome robotic creature.
  • Customize your Oomiyu owl by decorating its paper shell. We’ve included a set of accessories to get you started in bringing out your Oomiyu’s personality. And this is just the beginning. Show us what you got and make Oomiyu your own!
  • Play with your Oomiyu owl! Oomiyu comes with pre-programmed behaviors and games: ask it yes-or-no questions, pet it until it goes to sleep, or set it up as your alarm clock. In addition, you can control, add, or change any of those behaviors with the companion app for even more fun.
  • Hack it. We have built Oomiyu on top of the Arduino 101, which is powered by the Intel Curie module, to create a flexible technology platform that can be customized with other off the shelf components and sample code. Because the Arduino 101 is part of a lively open-source community, there are many resources available to help expand what Oomiyu can do.

Everything Must Go


This week on HOME: Stories From L.A., a member of the Boing Boing Podcast Network:

Some stories don’t end when you think they do. Some stories just pause. And then they sneak back around and whap you across the back of your unsuspecting head. So here’s one I didn’t expect to revisit, although maybe I should have: Part 2 of Episode 7, “Unmaking A Home.”

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‘Phonebox Baby’ Reunited With Man Who Rescued Her 22 Years Ago

Twenty two years ago a stranger came across an abandoned baby in a phone box and today the pair have been reunited for the first time. In an emotional encounter Kiran Sheikh, who was only two hours old when she was dumped, got to meet the man who carried her to safety over two decades ago. […]

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Kim Kardashian Makes Birthday Girl North Promise To Stop Growing Up So fast

It only seems like yesterday when Kim K was heavily pregnant and struggling to fit into – well, practically anything. Skip forward three years and North West is now officially 3-years-old. Her mum clearly feels like time has flown by too quickly, too, as she’s made her daughter promise to stop growing. She promised me […]

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Here’s Why Some Of Trump’s Children Won’t Be Voting For Him Next Week

If it comes down to the wire in New York’s primary election, Donald Trump will know exactly who to blame. Two of Donald Trump’s children won’t be voting for their father in his home town, it has been revealed. As the Republican front-runner tries to win over as many voters as possible, two votes he […]

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