Penguins given Valentine’s hearts to spruce up their nests and attract the ladies


Everyone is celebrating right now, including some romantic penguins at the California Academy of Sciences.

Biologist Piper Dwight handed out red felt Valentine’s hearts to 14 African penguins during feeding time. 

With adorable results, obviously.

According to Dwight, the penguins will take these fuzzy hearts back to their nests to help them sit on eggs and create burrows, or they’ll probably just steal them from one another to see who can collect the most. 

Male penguins will also use them to decorate their nests, which encourages bonding and breeding among penguin couples.  Read more…

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‘He had me in the water’: Florida man beats off alligator with putter

Tony Aarts tells local TV ‘It’s a good thing I had that putter’ after surviving reptile attack on 4th hole at Magnolia Landing club in the Fort Myers area

A Florida golfer made the shot of his life with a putter when he used it to escape an alligator that had grabbed him by the ankle. Tony Aarts used his putter to jab the gator in the eyes before the reptile let him go.

WINK-TV reported that Aarts was playing at the Magnolia Landing Golf & Country Club in the Fort Myers area last Wednesday. Approaching the 4th hole, he heard a splash.

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Experience: I accidentally bought a giant pig

I was told she was six months old, had come from a breeder and wouldn’t grow any bigger than a very large cat

I had no intention of owning a pig. Then one Friday night five years ago, I got a message from a girl I’d gone to school with. She said she remembered how much I loved animals and had a mini pig that she needed to get rid of. She’d just had twins and it was all too much work. She told me it was six months old, had come from a breeder and wouldn’t grow any bigger than a very large cat. I said I’d think about it. My boyfriend Derek and I already had two dogs, two cats, a turtle and koi fish.

When the girl called again a few hours later and said someone else was interested and that I had to make up my mind, I panicked and said yes without asking Derek. I thought: a miniature pig in your house, how is that not the coolest thing ever? At the time it was kind of trendy; George Clooney and Paris Hilton had had one.

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