Best-selling Miffy the rabbit author Dick Bruna dies

The Dutch author of more than 80 million children's books dies in the city of Utrecht.
17 February, 2017
Judge orders mental exam for wife of Orlando nightclub massacre gunman
What does the Dow at 20,000 mean?
Before you break out champagne, let's explore what this really means.
Military getting biggest raise in 5 years
Congress is giving service members a more than 2 percent pay hike, the largest since 2011.
Take a look inside Cary Grant's Palm Springs estate
Grant hosted fellow screen legends like Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock at this home.
Trump ramps up criticism of judge after travel ban setback
The US president also calls on border officials to check people entering America "very carefully".
Taylor Sheridan on How ‘Hell or High Water’ Explains Donald Trump’s Election
Taylor Sheridan, the Oscar nominated screenwriter of “Hell or High Water,” says his film captures the pulse of rural, small town A...
Dept. of Education misspells iconic educator's name in tweet
Author, professor and activist W.E.B. Du Bois was cited in Dept. of Education tweet later corrected
Sydney property prices to increase this spring
Experts believe that high demand and a shortage of listings for real estate in Sydney could lead to a continuing rise in property prices.

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